Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram and Breaks the Internet

After years of holding off of joining any form of social media, my favorite celebrity in the world, Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram with a first picture that melted everyone’s heart and broke the internet. Rachel Green’s first photo on the site was of her with the whole rest of the cast of Friends, the greatest TV show of all time, in a picture all together … Continue reading Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram and Breaks the Internet

Paradise Comes to an End

Three hours of Bachelor in Paradise to cap off this season with Bachelor Nation. Who will leave Paradise in love? Who will leave Paradise heartbroken? Everyone tells all. Wine’s poured. Take us away, Chris Harrison. Katie tells Chris that she doesn’t know where they are together but Chris tells him that he’s falling in love with her and sees a future with her. Cute relationship, … Continue reading Paradise Comes to an End

Everyone’s Leaving Paradise

Last week, Dean came back after leaving on his own and shocked Paradise asking Caelynn to leave Paradise with him. Connor gives Caelynn every reason she should stay with him instead of leaving with Dean. He’s not wrong but this kinda makes Connor seem desperate a bit. Caelynn’s nuts though so its realistically not gonna work out for either guy with her. Meanwhile, Kristina calls … Continue reading Everyone’s Leaving Paradise

Things Are Getting Interesting in Paradise

Following Derek’s exit from Paradise last night, the big question is if Tayshia wants to still pursue things with an immature John Paul Jones.  Talking to Mike she says that she’s still into JPJ but she doesn’t think she could get there with him. I personally don’t think it’ll ultimately work out, she’s just too mature for him. Meanwhile, Clay is still totally not over … Continue reading Things Are Getting Interesting in Paradise

The Next Bachelor for Sure

There’s a storm on the horizon. We start off this week with Nicole saying how great her and Clay’s relationship is going and that “nothing can ruin what we have”…that won’t last long though as Clay’s ex-girlfriend Angela strolls into Paradise. Clay’s shaking in his boots. And Nicole’s going even more psycho. Angela, who’s smoking hot, asks Mike on her date. On their date, Mike … Continue reading The Next Bachelor for Sure