Weird Finale to Peter’s Season of The Bachelor

Last night on part 1 of the season finale of Peter’s season of The Bachelor, we found out that Peter’s parents like Hannah Ann more, but then Peter’s top choice of Madison broke up with him and left. Meanwhile, he doesn’t tell Hannah Ann that Madison left. I don’t know if thats a producer’s decision or what, but either way its fucking crazy. It’s nuts … Continue reading Weird Finale to Peter’s Season of The Bachelor

Great Start to Peter’s Finale of The Bachelor

It’s that time of the year again, two night season finale of Peter’s wild journey to find love on The Bachelor starts tonight. Hannah Ann and Madison are the last two girls remaining. Not the best season but filled with drama and entertainment. Let’s see how this crazy ride ends. Take us away, Chris Harrison. The first girl who’s Peter’s parents meet with is Hannah … Continue reading Great Start to Peter’s Finale of The Bachelor

Anti-Climatic Women Tell All for Such a Drama Filled Season

Last week on The Bachelor, we were left with a cliffhanger going into the rose ceremony with Madison not there after Peter banged Hannah Ann and Victoria in the fantasy suites. This week we find out what happened next and then the Women Tell All! Back to Australia, right to the rose ceremony where Madison isn’t there. But she shows up last minute and tells … Continue reading Anti-Climatic Women Tell All for Such a Drama Filled Season

Ultimatums in the Fantasy Suites

After being on vacation and not being able to blog the last two episodes of The Bachelor, I’m back and all caught up. And since I’m home pretty sick today, swapping out the vino for Body Armor and Ginger Ale while I watch this week’s episode live. It’s fantasy suites week with Peter and his final three ladies; Madison, Victoria and Hannah Ann.  Last week, … Continue reading Ultimatums in the Fantasy Suites

Get Rid of the Drama

I’m currently on vacation but that’s not gonna stop me from this week’s extra episode of The Bachelor. That’s what laptop’s are for. This week the group heads to Chili with only ten girls remaining. Peter asks Hannah Ann to go on this week’s first one on one date to explore Santiago, Chili. He’s worried that because she’s young and has never been in love … Continue reading Get Rid of the Drama

This Girl’s a Psycho

Already polished off half my bottle of wine recording the podcast tonight (rate, review and subscribe to In The Zone on Apple Podcasts and Spotify)…so here we go as I finish it on the first of two episodes of The Bachelor this week. Coming off the shit show of Peter bringing back Alayah’s fake ass to the show last week, the drama continues, starting right … Continue reading This Girl’s a Psycho

Alayah’s Back. Come on.

Coming off Alayah’s exit from The Bachelor last week, all the ladies head to meet Peter in Cleveland, Ohio…cause evidently the producers couldn’t pick a shittier city to go to.  When they get to Cleveland, Victoria F. gets a date card for a one on one with Peter. Peter takes Victoria flying and then to Cedar Point, with the whole park closed to everyone besides … Continue reading Alayah’s Back. Come on.