Paradise Comes to an End

Three hours of Bachelor in Paradise to cap off this season with Bachelor Nation. Who will leave Paradise in love? Who will leave Paradise heartbroken? Everyone tells all. Wine’s poured. Take us away, Chris Harrison.

Katie tells Chris that she doesn’t know where they are together but Chris tells him that he’s falling in love with her and sees a future with her. Cute relationship, I hope it works out for them.

Hannah tells Dylan that she sees the future for them outside of Paradise but isn’t ready for an engagement with their families not knowing each other yet. Probably the smart move, they’re a great couple together. Hope it works out with them in the future too.

Demi and Kristian both tell each other that they’re in love and see a future together.

Clay tells Nicole that he’s falling in love with her but has some reservations and still has doubts. Zero chance this works out. No way. This is gonna explode pretty quick. “Our relationship was the most beautiful relationship we’ve ever been in”, give me a break Nicole.

Fantasy suites for everyone but Nicole and Clay. Congrats on the sex.

First on the beach, Clay and Nicole. Clay tells Nicole that he’s not in love with her. Clay says that he wants to take things slow but to continue pursuing things with Nicole. Not good enough of an answer for her and that relationship is over. No surprise.

Katie and Chris on the beach next. How does this end? 

“Katie, will you marry me?” Awweeeeeeee. I could actually see this work out in the end. They just seem right for each other. This show’s the best.

Hannah (really like her dress) and Dylan next on the beach. Even after telling him that she has her reservations because of getting her dad’s blessing and it not working out with Colton, Hannah accepts Dylan’s proposal. Adorable couple. 

The last couple to walk down the beach, Queen Demi and her girl Kristian. They both tell each other that they’re in love and Demi proposes to Kristian. Cute.

Paradise is closed but After the Final Rose starts right now.

First thing addressed on After the Final Rose, John Paul Jones drama. Kid’s still a fucking clown. Hannah and Tayshia have some drama about the whole Blake and Hannah connection before Paradise. 

Caelynn apologizes to Connor that he wasn’t completely honest with him and that she’s still happy with Dean outside of Paradise. Kristina and Caelynn also address the whole Stagecoach thing with Blake. First on the hot seat, Blake. Blake addresses posting Caelynn’s texts from Stagecoach on Instagram while the show was airing. Mistakes for both of them. Hate to say it, but I’m kinda team Blake on this one. Get over yourself Caelynn. Blake apologizes for all his actions before Paradise.

Tayshia’s next on the hot seat to talk about her relationship with JPJ. Tayshia says she regretted breaking things off with John Paul Jones and flew to Maryland to try to pursue a relationship with him after Paradise. He still annoys me. They confirm to still be happily together. 

Time to talk about the engaged couples from Paradise. First up, Katie on the hot seat to talk about her relationship with Chris. “It was more than I could ask for…at that time”. She says that communication with her and Chris has been hard and she’s exhausted. She doesn’t have her ring on and says that they’re still engaged but that their relationship is tough. She gets emotional saying that she loves him and is trying to chase a future she imagined in Paradise when they got engaged. This seems destined to fail for them, unfortunately. Chris joins Katie on the hot seat and addresses that it’s been hard for him to show her that he can support her. Katie says she gets glimpses of Chris’s love for her but she wants it all the time. Hate to break it to ya Katie but, relationships aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. Katie puts her ring back on. Off set, Chris tells Katie that she blind sided him with what was said on set and they walk in opposite directions. No way this works out.

Hannah and Dylan are next on the hot seat and confirm that they are still very happily together. Adorable. Like Chris Harrison said, that’s what Paradise is all about, love.

Demi and Kristian are next to talk about the walls that they broke down on Bachelor in Paradise. Demi says she knew that she was always going to be on Paradise cause she was made for it and even though she was casually dating Kristian at the time, Paradise was always in the cards. What Demi did this season really did take a lot of a courage to do what she did on this season of Bachelor in Paradise after making herself a star on The Bachelor. Even if it doesn’t end up working out for Demi and Kristian eventually, I wish Demi happiness in anything in her future. Bachelor Nation doesn’t deserve this girl. Kristian proposes to Demi. Cute.

Now the time has come to announce the next Bachelor, Peter. Just like everyone expected. I wanted Derek to be the next Bachelor but Pilot Pete will be a good Bachelor. January 6th, Peter’s journey to find love will begin. 

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