Tom Delonge was Roight, Aliens Exist, Confirms the US Navy

In 1999, blink-182, released the most electric punk rock album ever made, Enema of the State. On that album, which was musical perfection, there was a song Tom Delonge wrote titled “Aliens Exist”.

Hey mom, there’s something in the backroom

Hope it’s not the creatures from above

You used to read me stories

As if my dreams were boring

We all know conspiracies are dumb

It’s been no secret either that Tom’s been chasing proofs that aliens exist for years and years. The guy even started his own private research and media company, To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, just to try to prove that aliens are real. He pretty much quit the best punk band ever just cause he was so obsessed with aliens.

What if people knew that these were real

I’d leave my closet door open all night

I know the CIA would say

What you hear is all hearsay

I wish someone would tell me what was right

Finally, Tom got his wish. His company released this video, where you could hear two Navy pilots amazed at this UFO, or as the government refers to it “unidentified aerial phenomena” that they’re tracking. 

AND…the Navy finally told Tom “what was rooighhht” and confirmed that they do in fact exist. An official spokesperson for Naval Operations for Information Warfare was quoted saying “The Navy considers the phenomena contained/depicted in these videos as unidentified”. 

Obviously, everyone already knew aliens existed. Clearly there’s aliens out there. We don’t even know what’s past our solar system, let alone if there’s life out there. Of course, aliens exist.  It’s cool that the Navy decided to tell us that we’ve seen aliens here. Shocking that people aren’t talking about this more.

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