Motorola’s New RAZR Smartphone Might Be the Coolest Phone Ever

Even after having every new iPhone every year since I upgraded from my piece of shit BlackBerry to the iPhone 4, my favorite phone I have ever had was by far the original Motorola RAZR V3. It’s super thin and sleek design was instantly recognizable and at the time became of the best selling phone ever. My very first phone that I got my freshman year of high school holds a special place in my heart and other than the original iPhone and maybe the iPhone 4, no other phone released since has been as iconic as the original RAZR. Every celebrity had it, everyone cool had it. It was the best. That shiny T9 keyboard, the little screen on the back of the closed phone and how cool you felt just snapping that thing shut to hang up on people. It was the only phone I ever kept for the full two years of a contract and actually still have it saved in a drawer 12 years later. I loved getting new iPhones over the years after that, but none ever had that same magic as the original RAZR. 

Motorola hasn’t really done a whole lot since then as the iPhone took over as the top of the line phone that everyone had. Phone’s kept getting bigger and bigger by the year with phones now becoming pretty much the size of tablets. Coming up on the Android side, there’s been a few new foldable screens, notably the Samsung Galaxy Fold which folds open to be the size of a full sized tablet. But normal people don’t need that shit. No one even needs an iPad, let alone a phone that folds into a tablet. A normal smartphone is fine for 99% of people.

This week Motorola announced their new RAZR, which takes that design of the tiny original flip phone but inside packs a folding screen that’s the same size as a standard smartphone today. And it’s like the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the build quality of this thing looks pretty good and doesn’t look like its gonna snap any time you open it. This thing is so sick. 

If I was fine with using Android, I’d be buying this thing immediately. But no way that’s happening. I’m not going to green texts and looking like a poor. iPhone for life. But damn, Motorola made an awesome looking phone that takes you back in time while giving you the technology of the future.  

It even has a mode that makes it look like the original RAZR if you’re feeling nostalgic. 

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