Weird Finale to Peter’s Season of The Bachelor

Last night on part 1 of the season finale of Peter’s season of The Bachelor, we found out that Peter’s parents like Hannah Ann more, but then Peter’s top choice of Madison broke up with him and left. Meanwhile, he doesn’t tell Hannah Ann that Madison left. I don’t know if thats a producer’s decision or what, but either way its fucking crazy. It’s nuts that he’s still even keeping her around. Poor girl. 

Wine’s poured, tonight will be one of the most dramatic finales ever.

Back to Australia, Peter’s convinced himself that its right with Hannah Ann.

I am choosing Hannah Ann because I am 100% certain and I want to choose her every single day.

Yeah okay, Peter, that changed a lot over like a day…Neil Lane comes in and gives Peter the ring for Hannah Ann. But she still has doubts since his heart is torn in two different directions between her and Madison. Before the proposal, Chris Harrison comes to Peter and tells him “There’s just something I found out, about Hannah Ann. To be honest, I’m not positive she’s coming”. So both girls called it quits on their relationships with Peter. One final rose and no one to give it to. This has never happened before.

But actually, she’s coming. Still think its a good idea to propose to this girl, Peter? At this point of the season it should be about real love not all this drama bullshit. She almost didn’t even come to the final rose ceremony.

Peter tells Hannah Ann that he loves her, that Madison left and proposed to Hannah Ann, who happily accepts…cause she’s only 23 and gets blinded by the fact that Peter’s proposing to her. From the first impression rose to the Neil Lane ring to the final rose. Imagine if they had got to this point without the drama that got them there and the drama that is sure to follow. 

Lead the way, Chris Harrison.

Next, we see what happened in LA a month after his proposal to Hannah Ann when she went to visit Peter. He’s still struggling with the whole Madison thing. He tells Hannah Ann that he wishes he could give her his whole heart to her but he can’t and they break off their engagement. Kind of figured that they weren’t gonna make it.

Hannah Ann joins Peter in the hot seat in the LA studio. She calls him out for downplaying his feelings for Madison and waited till the last possible minute to tell her that Madison left rather than telling her two days before. I mean, she’s not wrong. He wasn’t ready for a relationship with Hannah Ann at that point. She also calls him out for needing closure with Hannah Brown earlier in the season. 

Next, we find out that Chris went to Auburn to talk with Madison, who’s struggling with the aftermath of her break up with Peter. She said leaving him was the hardest thing she ever had to do and that she regrets what she did. She asks Chris what happened after she left and he tells her that Peter got engaged to Hannah Ann but had since ended his engagement because of his feelings for Madison.

Madison takes her second chance at love with Peter and heads to LA. While he’s expecting to talk to Chris Harrison, she shows up instead and sort of asks him to get back together. In the hot seat, Chris says Peter hasn’t seen Madison since that day and asks if he is still in love with her, which he answers yes to. She joins them on the hot seat. Peter admits to making more mistakes than you could ever make as The Bachelor. Chris asks if they want to give this relationship another real shot and Peter says the smartest way to go forward is to take it a day at a time. 

Next, Chris asks Peter’s mom her thoughts on it and she makes some excuses for why she didn’t like Madison on last night’s episode with some bullshit that they had to wait three hours for her to meet with them. Would not want that lady as my mother in law, she seems like a pain in the ass. Like, what a total bitch. When Chris asks Madison’s side to it, she pretty much says it is what it is and doesn’t care. Good for her. Peter defends both sides as expected. Madison stands up for herself to Peter’s mom again and says its her journey too not just Peter’s to find love. This girl’s the best. Peter’s mom says that it’s just not going to work but Peter doesn’t care.

Peter’s mom probably isn’t wrong that it isn’t going to work with Peter and Madison. I still hope it works out for them though. Weird finale. And another season comes to an end. Not the best season. Peter made a lot of mistakes, wasn’t great as The Bachelor. But in the end it was a pretty entertaining, yet bad season. But his choice at the end was the best fit I thought from night one. Madison was the best. So in the spirit of this show, I hope they find love. That’s what this series is about. 

PS: Clare Crowley, the next Bachelorette is SOOOO hot. I’d love to find love with her. Her season is going to be so good with maturity and less drama than Peter, Hannah and Colton’s seasons just were. And I’ll definitely watch the new music spin off, The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart when that starts. 

Guess it’s time to go back to blogging NHL gambling content again. Almost playoff time!

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