So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, ironically since around the same time that the fucking world shut down. My main topics to write about and the reasons I started this blog are gambling and to talk about The Bachelor. Obviously can’t blog about either of those now so I really gotta think outside the box. Its prime time during what’s supposed to be the closing stretch of hockey season, but here I am watching Seinfeld. Gotta adapt. 

I’ll admit, when the whole corona virus thing started I compared it to ebola, the swine flu, SARS, the bird flu, etc. All these things that people thought was gonna be the next plague, then turned into nothing. While the media was losing its mind and people were buying every roll of toilet paper they could find, I was thinking no big deal, kept going to the gym and continuing my daily life. I figured at first, I’m a pretty solid athlete, not old, its a tiny percentage of the population, not gonna get me. 

But then things started getting serious world wide with this thing. People stopped traveling and going out, sports were going to be played without fans, Rudy Gobert tested positive for ‘rona and the NBA shut down, the NHL followed the next day, then the rest of the sports world shut down. March Madness was cancelled. This kind of thing has never happened before, no matter what was going on in the world, sports was the escape from it that became such a part of our every day lives. The next day with no games on, it felt like time stopped moving. Even when I wasn’t watching sports, it was still part of my daily life that I didn’t even realize. Normally, every morning while I cruise the internet, I check the night before’s scores I give a shit about. Every day doing cardio, I check all the hockey games for that night and decide what I want to bet on. Then if I’m not watching the games, I’ll check regularly or have alerts for the games I bet on. That first night, I kept grabbing my phone with nothing to look at. That’s when it kind of hit me how big of a deal this corona virus thing was. Then I kind of freaked out about the gyms closing but it made sense. How the hell was I going to work out?

Yeah, I’d most likely kick corona’s ass if I got it, but if i didn’t have any symptoms and just continued my daily life, there’s plenty of old people I could come in contact with could die from it. Can’t have that happening. So I started to respect the virus and made a complete turn around with my own efforts to be careful, started working from home as everyone was instructed and started the social isolation. 

This past week was the most bored I have ever been, ever. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a day or two without leaving the house. I watched Love Is Blind on Netflix in like three days (it kinda sucked, wouldn’t recommend it). I’ve crushed more PlayStation than I probably have in the last two years combined. All while watching all my stocks crash big time, the only form of gambling that I have left.

Then Tom Brady decided to throw another wrench into the situation and left New England. It already felt like the world was crumbling and when Tommy went to the Bucs, it felt like the world was ending. Everything shut down around the world, no sports to watch and TB12 was no longer a Pat. Insane times. 

This week, I finally got into a somewhat normal routine of what I could do without leaving the house. Started P90X for the first time since high school, since I don’t have any workout equipment at home. Turned this into the new “normal” as much as you could. On the positive side, I’ve gotten plenty of work done on finishing my basement, although its gonna be a problem when I can’t go to Home Depot to get supplies I need.

As long as everyone buys into this it’ll work. The world has a way of making things work for the better. We’ll all be alright, everyone staying home on the couch and doing nothing will make this whole thing go away. And once the world goes back to normal, we’re gonna have the biggest fucking party there is. Sports are going to be the best thing ever. 

This is going to be an era in history that kids are going to learn about in school in the future. It even has the potential to change how the world works. Companies will see how working from home could be the new normal, opening new opportunities for people. Students will have different ways to learn that hadn’t been utilized in the past. But more importantly, we’ll appreciate everything that the world has to offer us and not take our every day lives for granted. We’ll be nicer to others, enjoy the little things and move forward as a society.

So stay inside, become the couch and let’s kick coronavirus’s ass.

More blogs to come about whatever pops into my head, since there won’t be any gambling blogs or reality TV recaps for a while. Gotta keep growing the A Town’s Zone brand.

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