Another One Bites The Dust (Again), XFL Folds Again

The NFL is clearly the best football league in the world and its such a shitty feeling every year when you wake up the day after the Super Bowl and realize there’s no football for six long months. So that’s why when the first XFL started, then the AAF started and then the XFL again, every football fan wanted it tot succeed. Can’t beat extra football.

The AAF failed after eight weeks when it folded up and filed for bankruptcy, with some of its players not even getting paid.

So then, Vince McMahon came back and re-launched the XFL, 19 years after the first iteration failed after one season in 2001. Especially with all the crazy rules of the first time the XFL ran, people were pumped for the relaunch. Add to it the fact that Roger Goodell causes a lot of bullshit in the NFL, the new XFL was a cool idea that could bring some out of the box thinking that would make the NFL change some of their ways. Kickoffs were changing, extra points were changing and some other random bullshit was added that mainly just made gambling on it more confusing. But hey, extra football.

Every team played five games and it honestly wasn’t terrible. It gave you something to watch on weeks that there wasn’t much to care about and gave us extra football. Due to the coronavirus, the rest of the season got cancelled to go along with the rest of the world of sports.

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End of the XFL…

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Then today, it turned out, the XFL’s never gonna come back after this whole corona shit ends. 

Well, thats that. Apparently running a league of players that can’t make the NFL isn’t sustainable.


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