The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, Not Bad

During Peter’s trainwreck of a season of The Bachelor, it was announced that the next upcoming show for Bachelor Nation, wasn’t one we’ve seen before. The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. Love is always at the center of everything that we do, and this show is not any different, well, a little different, says Chris Harrison before telling us that the show was inspired by the magic of A Star Is Born…a fantastic movie! Can a shared love of music lead to more? 

It’s time, to listen to your heart. 🎶

Couples pair off. If you’re not in a couple, you’re going home. So similar format to Bachelor in Paradise, except that they’re all trying to make it as musicians. I’ll watch anything they put in the Bachelor franchise, so let’s see how this goes. The producers saw how Jed turned Hannah’s HORRIBLE season of The Bachelorette into a music marketing machine that he scammed for a whole season and they were like “hey, let’s make a whole show based on this idiot”!

Let’s meet the cast, my first reactions:

Brandon: Former marine, sings indie music, not terrible. 

Bri: Girl from Utah, used to be engaged.

Sheridan: This guy looks like an asshole. Loves his Suburu…I hate everything about this guy.

Bekah: Psycho. And her name’s spelled real stupid. I can already tell I don’t like her.

Gabe: Big God guy

Savannah: Crazy, hot girl from Nashville. She’s gonna be the star of this season. Might be a total bitch.

Trevor: Most normal guy for sure so far. Was on American Idol at one point. Pretty good singer. 

Jamie: 21 years old and “ready to listen to my heart”, says that every guy she’s been with has cheated on her, the Bachelor series just HAS to bring some immaturity in for drama.

Ryan: Seems annoying. Looks like the kind of loser that would win American Idol in 2014.

Matt: THIS MOTHER FUCKER DOESN’T KNOW WHO CHRIS HARRISON IS?!?! Does singer-songwriter stuff and he’s never watched The Bachelor? Fuck outta here.

Mel: Kinda cool hippy girl, probably won’t make it long on the show.

Rudi: Seems the most normal of the girls, seems fun to hang out with.

Michael: This guy seems like such a jerk off. I hated him within 30 seasons of being on the screen.

And a handful of other clowns. Having this show of musicians apparently could bring in some strange characters.

Twelve guys, eight ladies to start. Rose ceremonies just like in Bachelor in Paradise.

Julia starts talking to Sheridan and thinks he’s cool somehow, then kisses Brandon. This is just like Bachelor in Paradise. Matt and Rudi ditch the cocktail party and go in the hot tub together. Jamie hits it off with the kid, Ryan, who looks like he’s in One Direction and they kiss. Jamie’s also into Trevor though so the two of them go to the hot tub and makes out with him. A star is born, Bachelor Nation. This girl would fit right into the other Bachelor shows too, can’t wait to watch her on here. Might as well send her to Paradise after nothing works out here.

Yo fam” we got the first date card of the season. Ryan asks Jamie to join him. They had to have her going on the first one of the season. Ryan and Jamie go to Capital Records to record Gravity by John Mayer. 

Matt gets the second date card and he asks Mel to go with him, instead of Rudi who he tried to kiss in the hot tub the night before. Drama time. Matt and Mel go to a private Plain White T’s concert. Matt gets back and tries to make good with Rudi to get a pity rose and she just snaps at him. Little over the top this early in the season but I hope this kid goes home anyway. After that, Rudi kicks it off with Michael. He sings and I hate the guy even more.

Trevor, who knows he’s in second place behind Ryan for Jamie’s rose, goes to spend some time with her and this kid says all the right things that work perfectly on The Bachelor series. She eats it right up he sings her a song and then they make out. She’s so conflicted and breaks down crying. This girl’s perfect for this show (or really any other Bachelor show).

First rose ceremony of the season. Here we go. The only notable rose that was actually interesting was Jamie picking Trevor for her rose instead of Ryan that she just jammed John Mayer with. Rudi has the final rose and gives it to Ryan so he doesn’t go home. I’m glad the Michael asshole goes home and they didn’t even bother introducing the other three.

Not too bad of a pilot episode and new girls come in next week to cause more drama. So the exact same format as Bachelor in Paradise. And later this season, it becomes a music competition. The Bachelor meets The Voice (which I used to be a big fan of when it first started). Not as good as the other Bachelor shows, but it has potential. 

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