It’s Like Bachelor Meets The Voice

I haven’t been overly thrilled with the first to episodes of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, but it was either watching this or watching the Bills break my heart again in the replay of Monday Night Football against Dallas from 2007. Was depressing enough the first time around.  So, “Bachelor” time…

Chris Harrison walks in the house in the morning and lets everyone know that there won’t be any more new arrivals, who’s in the house is it. Only serious couples will continue to stay, otherwise you go home.

Savannah and Julia talk about how Brandon is bouncing between the two of them. Drama. Gabe then goes to talk to Savannah and she’d be the only one that he’d stay for. She tells him no and her and Gabe both decide to leave, along with Ruby. But before Savannah leaves, Brandon talks to her and she confronts him about his whole thing with Julia. They talk and decide to stay together on the show. 

Next in the competition, there will be judges deciding who stays and who goes based on both their musical performances as couples, as well as their relationship until there is only one couple left who will start their “journey” as performing artists. So, the Bachelor meets The Voice. I used to be real into The Voice when that started till I got bored of it, so we’ll see how I like this. The Bachelor part of this show hasn’t been great so far, so hopefully the music part makes it better.

There’s still date cards though as Danny and Bekah get the first couple date card and they go looking at designer clothes and shoes together. He sounds real gay, so I don’t really see this working out. 

Back at the house, Julia quickly says that Brandon and Savannah aren’t here for the right reasons. There’s the Bachelor touch! No way either Julia and Sheridan work out or Brandon and Savannah last long. And Julia is just causing drama cause she’s jealous that he picked Savannah over her and she’s stuck with Sheridan instead. Julia asks Savannah to talk and tells her that she thinks that Brandon and her doesn’t seem genuine. Seems like its a lot more Julia’s bullshit on her own than anyone else. This Julia bitch is CRAZY. HAS to go home. “I don’t have feelings for Brandon”, yeah bullshit Julia, if you didn’t have feelings for him, you wouldn’t have any involvement in this shit.

Ryan and Natascha get a date card and go to the House of Blues to be backstage at a  Chris Lane concert with his wife, Lauren, who was previously on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. Natascha is definitely the hottest girl on this show, by far. 

The judges for the first musical performances of the season are JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers (Packer’s QB Aaron Rodger’s brother he doesn’t talk to) of The Bachelorette, Jason Mraz and Ke$ha. Apparently the budget for the music judges wasn’t great and Ke$ha looks like she’s just coming off a month long bender.

As much as I don’t like both Sheridan and Julia, their performance of As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys was my favorite of the night. 

Instead of the standard rose ceremony, the couples go to the rose ceremony. The judges make the decisions and one couple will be going home. Chris Harrison hands out the roses and once Chris gives the roses to them, the couples give them to each other. 

With the final roses tonight, the two couples who didn’t get good feedback from the judges are Brandon and Savannah and Bekah and Danny. 

The final couple receiving roses, Savannah and Brandon. The drama continues, at least another week. I’ll probably keep watching next week, its entertaining enough I guess.

PS: I might have to apply to be on Clare’s season of The Bachelorette. She’s gorgeous!

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