Last Night’s Anthony Smith/Glover Teixeira Fight Got Pretty Ridiculous

Last night we were given a decent UFC Fight Night card on a rare Wednesday night in Jacksonville, FL. There’s no other sports on during this seemingly never ending quarantine so Dana White is just giving us as many fights as possible with 3 cards over 7 days. As a huge UFC fan I love it.

The main event last night was Anthony “Lionheart” Smith vs. the 40 year old veteran Glover Teixeira. A few months ago at UFC 235 in February, Anthony Smith went five rounds with Jon Jones (fuck that scumbag) and took it to a decision putting in a real solid effort against the unquestionable best of the light heavyweight division. Smith came into this fight as a -170 favorite. 

In the first round, Smith put in a solid effort and won the first round with very clean striking against Teixiera. Halfway through the second round, the fight changed and it seemed like Smith gassed himself and wasn’t defending himself against Glover’s powerful striking. 

In the third round, Glover dropped Smith in an impressive flurry on punches. 

That’s when it got crazy, instead of just throwing a few more punches that would’ve easily gotten the fight called, but instead Glover went to try to get a submission win. Stupid in my opinion, just get the TKO and call it a night. 

Somehow, the fight made it to round 4 where Smith just got dominated for another full five minutes, really living up to his Lionheart name. No quit in the guy.

After the fourth round, Smith’s corner made it way worse for their guy. He obviously had already lost the fight. He tells his guys “my teeth are falling out” and they still didn’t call the fight. They were just like “okay, you gotta get him, last round”.  Lionheart was never gonna quit and tap out, that was on his corner there to call the fight instead of sending him out there for more of a beating. He was shot, just wasn’t his night. 

The ref called the fight about a minute and a half into the fifth round by TKO. What a chin on Anthony Smith to last that long after getting killed for three straight rounds. And what an impressive showing from Teixiera.

Daniel Cormier (one of my favorite fighters ever and has been doing a great job on the broadcasts lately) and Jon Anik on the call were even talking about how the fight should’ve ended way earlier than it did and how Smith’s corner did him a huge disservice sending him out there again for the fifth round.

Today, Smith said he suffered some significant injuries in the beating he took including a broken nose, broken orbital bone, two missing teeth and cut under his right eye. Not great. 

More fights coming from Jacksonville this Saturday!

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