The Finale of Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart Wasn’t Bad

It’s already week 6 and the season finale of Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. There are three couples remaining and only one couple wins it and leaves with a record and touring deal, all based on their relationship. The couples head to Nashville for the finals. Just like The Bachelor, wine’s poured. Let’s see how this journey ends.

Tonight each couple has one final date with fantasy suites and a final performance of two songs.

Rudi and Matt are both freaking out cause they both think their relationship isn’t stable. Matt tells Rudi that he doesn’t see that he could get there with Rudi in the same way that Bri and Chris or Jamie and Trevor are. I do actually think that it’s a good move by Matt not to string Rudi along longer just to try to win it. They were both there for the right reasons and it just didn’t work out for them together. They genuinely cared for each other but just couldn’t make it.

That leaves two couples remaining.

Trevor and Jamie’s date goes well and “should you choose to forego your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite” complete with that signature Bachelor love music that just grasps you. This has been the closest that Listen to Your Heart has been compared to the regular Bachelor shows.

While their date goes well, Bri says that she’d rather hold off and not spend the night together in the fantasy suite. Chris says he’s on the same page as her but you could easily tell that he’s disappointed that she’s not letting him get it in during fantasy suites. During music rehearsals the next day, they seem to not be contacting as well as they had been previously. 

Jamie and Trevor perform first and crush both songs showing their romantic connection in their performances. Chris and Bri’s performances are also great with the disconnect from their rehearsals gone. 

The first winners of Listen to Your Heart are Chris and Bri, who earned the opportunity to work with a producer to record original music together and go on tour. Good for them. From the beginning of the season, they were the most solid couple and the best musicians.

The finale of this show wasn’t bad. The show as a whole didn’t really hold up to the other shows of Bachelor Nation, but I didn’t mind this six hours of watching this the past few weeks. Especially with no sports and not much other TV, this (along with the incredible Jordan documentary) gave me something to watch the last few weeks. 

Final roses await the couple in their tour bus.

A few weeks of no Bachelor Nation until The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever starts June 8th with a look back on one full season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette each night. Can’t wait.

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