Craziest Poker Hand I’ve Ever Gotten on PokerStars

Since I haven’t been able to gamble on sports at all (which I’m used to doing every day) and haven’t been able to have my monthly poker games, I’ve been playing in private online games that one of my friends has set up on PokerStars every week to fill that gambling itch. 

Tonight, I got my craziest poker hand I’ve ever gotten online or offline.

In a 21 man tourney, I was in 9th place with the lowest chip stack on the final tourney. I was the big blind otherwise I probably would’ve folded the suited 9,6. Then the flop comes and its an insane 666. The number of the beast on the fucking flop. With my first four of a kind ever, I went all in on the measly 300ish chips I had left and obviously won. Didn’t matter much bumping me up to 7th at the time before i quickly lost out of the tourney ten minutes later. 

I even had an extra meaningless pair of 9’s on the river card.

PokerStars has to be rigged.

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