Just Skip to The Final Rose and Bring in Tayshia

Last week on The Bachelorette there was already drama going on and Clare’s just obsessed with Dale. Let’s see how this week goes cause I’m pretty sure Clare’s portion of this season is coming to a quick end. 

Yosef starts this week with whining about the group dates and complaining about how the naked dodgeball thing was “classless” and “distasteful”. What a fucking asshole. Like quit being a prude loser and get off your high horse. You’re on The Bachelorette. I hate this guy. Then the prick goes to talk to Clare about it and just talks down to her about the whole fucking thing. Says he was “appalled” and “expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette there’s ever been” and that “he’s ashamed to be associated with her”. Wow this guy’s a piece of shit. Might be the most hatable contestant of The Bachelorette ever. Clare goes back at him though and stands up for herself. Good for her and she kicks the fucker out. See ya, asshole. I’m normally not really taken back about what guys on this show say but he went way over the line for absolutely no reason. Fuck him. 

Who else is there to comfort Clare after that blowout though than her guy Dale. And it makes Clare love him even more. 

“I can’t believe it’s not even the second rose ceremony yet, and I’m so falling in love with Dale”

WHAT?! This is episode three Clare!!! 

The show cuts directly to Clare in a production room with Chris Harrison. Chris asks her what she wants to do and if she wants to salvage the night and finish the cocktail party. She goes and tells the guys that she doesn’t want to finish the night and just go right to the rose ceremony. Right to the rose ceremony which really doesn’t matter cause we all know Dale’s the only one in her eyes. 

Former Bachelorettte (12 years ago way before I watched this show) DeAnna comes to talk to Clare and all she could talk about is how all in she is on Dale. DeAnna tells Clare that “when you know, you know”. And Clare knows about Dale. Time’s ticking down on this season. 

Clare cancels what is supposed to be her day’s group date and goes right to a “long cocktail party”. Dale obviously is the first to talk to Clare. That quickly turns to making out in her bed while the other guys just sit there waiting for an hour. As the other guys try to talk to her, all Clare is thinking of is Dale. These guys shouldn’t even waste their time trying. After Dale interrupts another guy another time, the rest of the guys get pissed and call out Dale for playing stupid. In the least shocking move ever, Clare gives Dale the group date rose. 

Zach J gets the one on one date of the week. Even when she goes to pick up Zach for their date, she’s still talking about how hot she thinks Dale is. She also says on their date that she wished Dale was there. Clare’s also super dramatic about a kiss. While Zach’s waiting for dinner, Chris Harrison comes up and tells him that she isn’t coming to dinner and that he’s going home. 

Clare’s mind is entirely made up that it’s Dale and none of the other guys matter. 

The second group date is a roast with the rest of the guys that aren’t on the date in the audience. Every guy rips on Dale and Clare gets all pissed about it. What else did you think head gonna happen? Afterwards Clare asks every guy about Dale. The guys all realize she only cares about Dale and that she isn’t even giving any of the other guys a chance. Clare tells the guys that she doesn’t think she got what she needed from any of the guys and doesn’t give out the group date rose. First time I’ve ever seen that happen. But it makes sense, since Dale’s rose is the only one that matters. AND even wilder, she refers to Dale as her fiancé to a producer. UM WHAT?! Just skip to the final rose and bring in Tayshia. 

Next week, Clare blows up The Bachelorette and more importantly, out of the pool comes none other than Tayshia! Rumors CONFIRMED. 

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