Congratulations, you’ve just blown up the Bachelorette

Last week was the beginning of the end for Clare’s time as the Bachelorette. So let’s see what happens with her this week, as she and Dale “blow up The Bachelorette”. 

The guys are already all pissed with Clare for not wanting to give anyone a chance else since she claims she’s falling in love with Dale. 

Chris Harrison comes to see Clare’s and tells her that the way they are going with this season that it can’t continue. She goes on and on about how she thinks that Dale is the guy for her and she’s all in on him. 

“We’ve never dealt with this so we have to reinvent the whole thing”

Clare tells Chris that it’s over and that she just wants to peruse a relationship with Dale. 

“Congratulations, you’ve just blown up the Bachelorette”

Chris Harrison comes in the house and tells all  the guys that the cocktail party and rose ceremony are cancelled. He then pulls Dale out of the room to talk to him separately.

Instead of the rose ceremony, Clare has a date with Dale. Clare puts it all out there to Dale and tells him that he’s the guy of her dreams. Clare tells Dale about her parents, James and Lilly. So Clare’s Harry Potter. That explains all this crazy shit going on. 

Honestly though, it’s kinda adorable how much they connect. Like, that’s what I always say that this show is about, love. Not all the drama and produced bullshit and fake fighting to get Instagram ad deals after the season’s done. So fuck it, good for Clare for finding what she wants in Dale and just going after it. Who cares about the format of the show and following the “rules”. Absolutely can’t say she’s here for the wrong reasons. Really, she’s here only for the one that really matters. So good for them. I guess I like automatically just became Team Clare I here. 

Clare tells Dale that she’s so falling in love with him and Dale says the same back to her. Aweeeee. Their date turns into an overnight and the rest of the guys still don’t know what’s going on. 

Clare talks to the guys and it’s met with some deserved negativity. Since Clare’s nuts. No one actually falls in love in a week or however quick this was. But it is what it is, so let her go on her way.

Blake has a whole breakdown that he like bought a book and some shit and that he thinks that Clare is making a mistake. Chill man, she’s just not that into you. 

Chris Harrison makes a FaceTime call to Neil Lane to get a ring for the “hopeful proposal” and talks about it with Dale. 

We skip the whole season right to the final rose and Dale proposes to Clare. Cue the Bachelor love music. I guess she just did a ridiculously bad job of not showing that ring in public with all the leaked pictures on Instagram. It’s wild, but good for them. I hope it works out. 

One more thing,

Dale, will you accept this rose?

Time for Tayshia to come in and save the season!

As the rest of the guys are packing their bags, Chris Harrison comes in and let’s the guys know that if they want to, they have till that night to decide if they want their journey to continue.

All of the guys decide to stay and Chris let’s the guys know that their new Bachelorette is on her way. Here comes Tayshia, who was my favorite from Colton’s season. She’s gonna be an awesome Bachelorette. 

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