Tayshia Has a Great Start to Her Journey to Find Love on the Bachelorette

Last week on The Bachelorette, Clare and Dale’s journey to find love ended way early in the process of the show. So now, for the first time in Bachelor Nation history, a new Bachelorette, Tayshia comes in for the remaining guys. 

On the first night of Tayshia being The Bachelorette, she seems to hit it off pretty well with the 16 guys in the house left from Clare. But  Chris Harrison pulls her away to the sight of limos pulling up with new guys. Four new guys show up and none of them seemed that bad to me but there’s obviously some tension there between the new guys and the 16 that were already there. 

Spencer, one of the new guys gets Tayshia’s first impression rose and her first kiss of the season. He sort of looks like Derek Peth from previous seasons (and who I thought should’ve been The Bachelor instead of Peter). 

Tayshia “cancels” what was supposed to be a rose ceremony and keeps it going another night with everyone. 

Before we get to see how Tayshia’s journey to find love starts out, we head to a studio stage for a Tell All with Clare and Dale digging into their story. This is boring as fuck and they really say nothing other than how perfect they think they are for each other. 

Back to Tayshia and the guys who get their first group date. The guys play pool basketball to find which team of five get to spend time with Tayshia. But all the guys end up getting to go to the cocktail party. The rest of the guys already don’t like Spencer and that he’s kinda a prick. Tayshia gives Eazy the group date rose. 

Jason, while not on the group date says that he’s nervous about if he could get over his feelings for Clare to give it his all with Tayshia. He decides to leave and tells Tayshia. Jason handles it in a very mature way and it was the right thing to do. Sort of makes Tayshia nervous about the feelings of the other guys. 

Brendan gets the first one on one date with Tayshia. They have a pretty boring date but hit it off and actually connect that they had both been previously married and divorced. I actually could see the two of them ending up well together. Tayshia gives him the rose as they romantically make out under fireworks. 

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