Good amount of drama starting for no reason tonight on The Bachelorette

Tayshia started her journey to find love as The Bachelorette last week and this week, the journey continues. 

For the first group date of the night, they do a “grown ass man challenge”, where they do a bunch of stupid stuff prior to their cocktail party. 

Bennett and Ed both randomly went at Chasen about not being there for the right reasons, which I don’t entirely agree with. Yeah he might be a fuck boy but hasn’t really showed any reason he isn’t there for the right reasons. Ed also tells Tayshia that Chasen said the same things he’s saying to Tayshia previously to Clare and that he’s just there for the Instagram followers. I mean, isn’t that what half these guys are realistically on the show. Kind of starting drama for no reason here, Ed. 

Tayshia gives the group date rose to Ivan. 

Before the pre rose ceremony cocktail party, Chasen stands up for himself in front of the whole group. He also calls Tayshia a smokeshow, which all the other guys shit on. Apparently none of these losers read Barstool, smokeshow’s a great complement. I use it all the time (I also don’t have great success with girls so take that however you think). 

On to Tayshia’s first rose ceremony and with the second last rose remaining Tayshia gives it to Ed. With the final rose, Tayshia keeps Chasen for another week. 

After the rose ceremony, onto the next group date which was a whole wrestling thing. These producers are geniuses. Prior to fighting Chasen, Ed pulls Chris Harrison to the side and makes some excuse about his shoulders to not fight him. What a gigantic pussy. Just play the game. Noah, one of the new guys hops the fence and steps into the ring to fight Chasen and he gets invited to the after party for the group date that he wasn’t on, even in a losing effort. Pulling the “hopping the fence” from Colton’s season reference, actually a great move. That’ll probably piss off the other guys on the group date. Tayshia likes Noah though, the young kid is pulling the right moves even with his ridiculous look. She even tells him to ditch the ugly ass stache, which he lets her shave off. Tayshia likes his moves and gives him the group date rose. The rest of the guys aren’t happy, but he went above and beyond. I think the kid deserves the rose. 

Good amount of drama starting for no reason tonight on The Bachelorette.

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