Pretty Good Bachelorette Episode Tonight As Tayshia’s Season Progresses

I pregamed for The Bachelorette tonight cause it feels like a Saturday for some reason even though it’s Tuesday. So if anything doesn’t make sense on this blog, it’s cause I’m already half buzzed.

Last week, unnecessary drama began on Tayshia’s portion of this season of The Bachelorette. This week, all the guys that weren’t on the group date last week have to compete on writing original love songs to be able to have a one on one date with Tayshia. The guys perform their corny little songs for her and she chooses Ivan to join her on the one on one date. For the one on one date they just hang out in Tayshia’s suite, since they’re pretty limited by what they could do stuck on a resort. I think their date’s really cute and they have a good connection. I like this kind of shit instead of the unnecessary manufactured drama. He really opens up about his family life and genuinely puts himself out there. She opens up to him to and gives him the rose. I could see him going at least as far as hometowns.

On the group date, Bachelor Nation alumni Sydney and Becca come in and help host a truth or dare challenge. Fun group date with a bunch of challenges for the “dares” followed by each of the guys having some one on one time with Tayshia for the “truth” part. Tayshia gives Zac the group date rose.

Ben, who’s quite nervous about not getting time with Tayshia and secretly goes to her room and they have a romantic little evening and she says that her relationship with him progressed the most that night.

After Noah starts some shit at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony telling Tayshia that some guys don’t like her integrity cause she gave him a rose, she confronts all the guys. Drama for literally no reason at all. After that she cancels the rest of the cocktail party and they go right to the rose ceremony. Ed gets the final rose of the night.

The drama continues next week on The Bachelorette.

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