The NFL is a Complete Clown Show for How They Handled the Broncos QB Situation Today

Today the Denver Broncos in an unprecedented move in NFL history had to start a undrafted practice squad wide receiver, Kendall Hinton at quarterback. Credit to him, I can’t imagine how that kid’s life got turned around in a day and he deserves full credit to how he handled today’s game. The kid didn’t even get to take any practice reps at QB and still managed to handle playing in his first NFL game while he was essentially thrown to the wolves. The bigger issue is that the NFL and Roger Goodell are the biggest fucking clowns for even making this happen.

The whole reason behind this was cause of contact tracing with the NFL’s bullshit answer to coronavirus (I won’t get into what I think about the overblown way the media and government is making people lose their fucking minds over the glorified flu, but regardless, the NFL is handling it in a ridiculously dumb way). Earlier this week, the Broncos backup QB, Jeff Driskel tested positive for COVID-19 (notice I didn’t say got sick, cause the guy’s fine). So he had to sit out, as expected. Not a huge deal and he could rejoin the team when he tests negative. But yesterday the NFL showed how stupid they really are with this shit and said that the other three QB’s on the Denver roster were ineligible to play because Drew Lock, Brett Rypien and Blake Bortles (the BOAT) weren’t wearing masks in their QB room. All three of these guys are perfectly healthy and all tested negative and any of them could have started for the Broncos today. Give me a fucking break if you think masks accomplish anything besides giving the false look to cameras that the NFL actually gives a flying fuck about this stupid virus. Everyone in and out of every NFL facility have to get tested every day anyway so the masks are doing literally nothing. Obviously they’re not stopping the virus spreading within the NFL since after a player on a team has gotten, so have a bunch of their teammates. Masks aren’t doing a thing.

I was gonna go into this when the NFL fined all the coaches for “wearing them wrong” cause that just showed how stupid they are but today’s move was way worse. You could ignore coaches and teams getting fined, you can’t ignore the NFL completely throwing a game like they did today. No one can say that the product they put on the field today was entertaining. It was sad. And it made the whole league look like fucking clowns for putting it on. The NFL has already postponed and moved around a ton of games cause of coronavirus outbreaks. Just say there’s a coronavirus outbreak in Denver and postpone the game if you’re really gonna say those other three perfectly healthy players can’t play and save yourself the embarrassment for the clown show that you put on today. Don’t put this shit all out there for the public to criticize when you already got a history of pissing off fans in the stupidest ways you could think of while ignoring the actual issues effecting your teams and players, you know, like concussions and CTE.

And I truly feel bad for Kendall Hinton. All the respect for that kid going out there today and doing it after being put in such a stupid and avoidable situation. 

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