Boring Episode of The Bachelorette Setting Up a Likely Awesome Next Week

Let’s get right into the Bachelorette this week as I’m actually watching it live instead of delayed an hour or two like I usually do. 

Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher comes in to “host” while Chris Harrison leaves the show temporarily to take his son to college. 

Zac gets the first one on one date of the night. For their date they take “wedding photos”. Like the friends episodes where Rachel, Monica and Phoebe wear wedding dresses to drink beer in their apartment. Zac tells Tayshia that he also was married previously for around a year and they connect on the basis of their failed previous marriages. Zac also talks about how he had a brain tumor when he was younger and how after that he went down a bad road of partying and bad decisions that lead to his divorce. Tayshia likes how he opened up and gives him a rose. Then they make out on a Ferris wheel that the producers magically had pop up on the resort. 

On this week’s group date, the guys do some painting shit with nude models. Then they do some pottery thing that Bennett turns into a way to brag and look like a douchebag. The last part, the guys compete for one on one time with Tayshia by making a self portrait. After they finish presenting their portraits, Ben decides to get naked like the models they painted as some gesture to Tayshia that’s just strange as fuck. Tayshia breaks down a bit and doesn’t pick a winner, choosing to spend time with all the guys instead of just one. At the cocktail party, Ben opens up to Tayshia about how he had an eating disorder when he was a kid cause he used to be fat. Opening up proves to work well with Tayshia as she gives him the group date rose. After that, Tayshia calls out Noah and Bennett that there’s something going on between them and that she’s gonna figure it out. After that all the guys talk about how genius Bennett who went to Harvard talks down to them, especially to Noah. When the inevitable two on one comes between these two, I hope Bennett gets sent home, although I don’t see either of them ending up with her. 

Tayshia’s second one on one date of the week is with Eazy, the former Texas A&M teammate of Johnny Manziel. For their date, they do a haunted ghost tour. They have a blast before their dinner, but Tayshia can’t give him the rose because she can’t connect with him and feel the same way about him as he does with her. 

JoJo comes in and delays the rose ceremony cause first Tayshia has to figure out the issue between Bennett and Noah and sets up an impromptu two on one. Bennett acts super cocky before he’s probably going to go home. Before the two on one, Bennett gives Noah a “gift” of a bunch of cliche bullshit that makes him look like even more of a fucking asshole. I can’t stand people that think they’re more smart than other people like Bennett does and I can’t wait till this dildo goes home. Fuck off with this “emotional intelligence” bullshit, suit. 

Tayshia gets irritated that it’s like teenage drama with them and the episode ends teasing next week with her asking what is in the box. 

Next week is sure to be awesome with a lot of drama coming up. 

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