The Bachelorette Can’t Be Saying She’s Falling in Love Yet

Last week on The Bachelorette was pretty boring, but it set us up for what should be an awesome episode this week. So let’s get right into it!

We pick up where we left off on the Noah and Bennett two on one, where Bennett just talks down to Noah for no reason. Tayshia calls them out that it’s just childish bullshit. She asks Bennett about the stupid “gift” that he gave Noah to close out last week. Bennett’s such a condescending douche, fuck outta here with this emotional intelligence garbage. Tayshia calls Bennett out for being condescending and questioning her intentions and sends him home. 

After she sends Bennett home though, she doesn’t give Noah the rose either and says that she worries that he won’t be ready for marriage at the end of this and has to figure out what she wants to do. 

Brendan, Riley, Blake and Ivan all get roses. With the final rose remaining she gives it to Noah, sending Demar, Spencer and Ed (thankfully) home.

Ben gets the first one on one of the week and after a fun day together, he opens up to Tayshia about his past and why it’s tough for him to open up. He gets real deep and tells Tayshia about his two suicide attempts in his past. They even have a cool moment that he’s like surprised with himself that he was fine with telling her about his past and she gives him the rose. 

On the group date, Tayshia puts the guys to the test with a lie detector test. The test opens Tayshia’s eyes to a few things about each of the five guys. 

She confronts Zac at the cocktail party about his answer to the question of if he’s ever cheated and he tells her it was on his little sixth grade girlfriend. He says that he didn’t like that he had to tell her that he was falling in love with her on the lie detector test and she responds with that she’s falling in love with him too. WHAT?!? We aren’t even at hometowns yet. Can’t be throwing around “falling in love”, Tayshia!

Riley talks to Tayshia about his issues with both of his parents in his past and that makes him nervous about her meeting his family. 

Tayshia doesn’t give a rose to any of the guys saying that she needs to think about all the meaningful conversations that she had with each of them and that she wants to wait till the rose ceremony to decide. 

After the cocktail party, Tayshia is shocked to see Bennett waiting to talk to her. Respect the show! You can’t come back after getting sent home, asshole. He makes a last ditch effort of telling her that he’s falling in love with her. 

Let’s see how this turns out next week. 

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