Tayshia Picks Her Hometown Dates and The Men Tell All

The Bachelorette is on back to back nights for the next two weeks to close out Tayshia’s season. 

Tonight’s first date is Tayshia one on one with Blake. On their date, they go to this weird crystal lady. What a load of stupid bullshit this is. Tayshia can’t connect with Blake enough though and tells him that it just isn’t there with him and sends him home. 

After sending Blake home, Tayshia goes back to talk to the rest of the guys. She tells them that she sent Blake home and asks Riley to go talk. Tayshia tells him that he’s grown the most and opened up to her the most but can’t do hometowns with him cause she’s not at the same point that he is and he goes home. Better to do it that way than make him sit through a rose ceremony. 

Before the rose ceremony, Bennett rolls back in with the remaining five guys looking like the douchebag that he is. Tayshia cancels the cocktail party and its’s right to the rose ceremony. With the first of the three roses, Tayshia gives it to Zac, solidifying his hometown. No surprise there since last week she told him that she was falling in love with him. Next she gives a rose to Ivan. With the last rose remaining, Tayshia chooses Brendan, sending both Noah and Bennett (again) home. Absolutely a producer move to keep Bennett for one more rose ceremony, not Tayshia. I think Noah will be good in Paradise. 

And now, the men tell all!

The first big blowup on the men tell all is Bennett vs. Noah. I’m still big time on team Noah there cause I think Bennett’s a pretentious and condescending douchebag. 

Yosef also comes back to talk about what a complete piece of shit he was to Clare during her short time as Bachelorette. All the guys tell him what a fucking asshole he is and how shitty he acted. He doesn’t have any regrets about it either, proving what a complete bag of shit the guy is. 

Tomorrow, we’re back with hometowns!

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