A Wonderful Finale to Tayshia’s Season of The Bachelorette

Last night on the penultimate episode of Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette, we saw great fantasy suite dates for Ivan and Zac, followed by Brendan’s departure and Ben’s return. How’s this going to end? We’re about to find out. 

We pick up right where we left off last night with Ben coming back and telling Tayshia that he loves her. Tayshia seems annoyed and tells him that he could come to the rose ceremony so that she could have some time to decide what to do. As he’s leaving her suite though, she goes in and kisses him. So there’s obviously still some feelings left. 

Rose ceremony time as Ben joins Zac and Ivan. Before picking up the first rose, Tayshia asks to go talk with Ivan. She breaks it off with him because of some religious shit that they talked about in the fantasy suite that was unseen to us as the audience. So I guess that’s why she kept Ben around. That makes this a pretty boring rose ceremony. 

Ben’s the first of the final two to meet Tayshia’s parents. Her parents like Ben and go from being hesitant on him to accepting him especially when he realizes where he went wrong. 

It’s Zac’s turn and he says everything right with both of her parents and it seems to go pretty well on their end as well. I think Zac’s the guy that Tayshia’s gonna end up choosing and I think that he’s better for her than Ben is. 

After meeting both guys, Tayshia’s dad comes to talk to Tayshia. Her dad tells her that her family doesn’t want her to make a mistake and get hurt again like she did in her divorce. But he’s like super vague about it in that like he doesn’t want her to get engaged with either Ben or Zac. 

Tayshia has her final date with Zac and they do a wedding dance lesson. Tayshia’s still stressed over the convo that she had with her dad but Zac does a good job of getting her out of her own head. I think Zac and Tayshia are great for each other and I think that she’d say yes to an engagement with him. 

Tayshia’s nervous going into her last date with Ben cause she knows that she doesn’t really want to end up with him. Right away she’s honest with him and tells him that her heart is with someone else. Nice move by her instead of making him propose and saying no. 

And then there was one. 

Neil Lane goes to see Zac and helps him pick out a ring. Onto the proposal and the final rose. Adorable proposal between the two of them and Tayshia of course says yes. 

Zac, will you accept this rose?

That’s what this show’s all about. Not the drama. Not the produced bullshit. Love. And I really hope it works out between these two. 

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