Matt James, Let the Journey Begin

It’s only been a couple weeks since the end of Clare and Tayshia’s Bachelorette season. Clare found love the fastest of any Bachelorette and then Tayshia came in to be arguably the best Bachelorette that the show had ever seen. Tonight Matt James makes history as our new Bachelor. Not only is Matt the first black Bachelor, but he’s also the only Bachelor (besides the first) to not appear on The Bachelorette prior to being the lead. Matt James, best friend of Bachelor Nation favorite Tyler Cameron, was originally slated to be on Clare’s season of the Bachelorette. Prior to starting the season, Matt was on the app Cameo making money on that he was gonna be on the show and Clare got pissed…so he was off the show. But not long after, Matt got announced as The Bachelor.

Since this is the first time Matt’s been on a Bachelor show, before he meets the women, he first talks with Chris Harrison. They talk about what to expect and Matt being the first black Bachelor. Matt also says, he’s never been in love. 

Let the Journey Begin

Time to begin Matt’s journey to find love and to meet the girls who will try to win Matt’s heart. 

My first impressions:

  • Alicia – professonal ballerina but seems normal 
  • Abigail – seems very nice, also seems to be insecure that she was born deaf which I don’t understand
  • Kristin – lawyer, she should be entertaining, like this girl’s talking about WAP
  • Magi – pharmacist from Ethiopia, probably too good for this show
  • Anna – this bitch seems crazyyyyy. Could be the next Demi, gives Matt a survival kit with red flags in it
  • Sarah – news girl, her dad has ALS, she’s my favorite so far
  • Bri – first girl out of the limo
  • Rachel – seems good
  • Jessenia – no comments
  • Chelsea – Matt seems to like her
  • Mari – she looks like a Kardashian sister
  • Carolyn – lavender 
  • Sydney – no comments
  • Khaylah – rolls in driving an F-150. I’d like her better if it was a Silverado, from North Carolina and hits it off with Matt
  • Serena C – flight attendant that trips coming up the stairs which I actually think was a good thing. That’s memorable. 
  • Serena P – I like the step stool thing
  • Saneh – “goat” shoes…girl, you’re not Tom Brady
  • Alana – Lady and the Tramp eating the pasta together, hot move I guess for the first kiss of the season
  • Kaili – showed up wearing lingerie and rolled in a cart with two dresses. She’ll be a cause of drama for sure
  • Corrinne – no comments
  • Marylynn – seems down to earth
  • Emani – no comments
  • Lauren – no comments
  • Pieper – her last name is James. Kind of weird coincidence 
  • MJ – comes in a shitty pizza delivery car. Kind of corny move
  • Katie – THIS GIRL BROUGHT A VIBRATOR COMING OUT OF THE LIMO. This girl absolutely listens to Call Her Daddy (#DaddyGang). What a move. 
  • Amber – rides a bike in. Dumb move
  • Kimberly – throws a giant fake fish at Matt. What?
  • Casandra – overplayed gimmick of the jersey with Mrs. James on the back
  • Illeana – this girl asked “can I put my balls in your mouth”…again, what??
  • Kit – fashion entrepreneur. Seems so high maintenance and nuts, rolls into her in a Bentley
  • Victoria – “queen” that gets carried in here on a chair. I already hate this girl. Laughed when she fell up the stairs

Instead of the usual toast when Matt walks in the first time, he says a prayer. People are going to LOVE this guy as the Bachelor. And the girls already love it. 

Abigail gets the first impression rose. Fantastic choice. That girl seems awesome. I hope she goes very far or is the next Bachelorette.

Already time for the first rose ceremony. With the final rose, Matt gives it to Victoria, the “queen”. Kind of wish he sent her home. 

Lots of drama to come this season on The Bachelor! 

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