Victoria Has Got to Go the Fuck Home

Last night was the National Championship, which means for me, The Bachelor has to wait till the morning. So here we are. I hate that the natty is on a Monday night every year but whatever. I’m swapping the usual wine for coffee this week.

Last week, we met our new Bachelor, Matt James and all the women looking to win his heart. Time to kick off the first dates of the season and really get to know them. 

Bri gets the first one on one date of the season and they start with riding ATVs. After that they get in a wood hot tub and make out. At dinner, Matt and Bri connect on their family histories. They connect pretty well and Matt gives her the rose.

Meanwhile at the resort, “Queen” Victoria’s being a total fucking bitch cause drama about it “not being a sorority”. Like its week one, relax. She’s super insecure and so annoying already. Hopefully the producers don’t keep her around too long.

The first group date is a huge group. On the group date, Matt and the girls take wedding pictures. Of course Victoria starts drama pretty early on the date. Before half of the girls do the photo shoot, Chris Harrison comes and turns the date into a capture the flag game with paint in the wedding dresses in the woods. Fun idea. The winning team goes on a date with Matt. Matt gives Lauren the group date rose.

Sarah, one of my early favorites, gets the second one on one date of the week. The two of them go on a sight seeing flight in a tiny plane. Awesome date. Sarah struggles with opening up to Matt on the earlier portion of their date. At dinner, Sarah opens up to Matt about her dad having ALS and her struggles with that. Matt really likes her and asks what he could do throughout this experience to show her that he’s someone she’d want to be with. 

Sarah, will you accept this rose?

I really like her. I hope she goes far in this. It’s early but I could see Matt choosing her at the end of this. Her and Abigail are definitely my favorites. 

At the cocktail party, Marylynn tells Matt that she was all nervous about not getting a day and Matt gives her some of her favorite flowers (which should be a rose, this is The Bachelor). Right after that, Victoria goes to Matt to start drama and stir the shit. This causes Matt to talk to Marylynn about Victoria’s claims of bullying. Marylynn and Victoria talk one on one after that and Victoria’s again a total fucking bitch about it. This girl has GOT TO and GO. She’s apparently 27 years old and acting like she’s in high school. What a psycho. The rest of the girls are pretty pissed about it, as they should be.

Rose ceremony. During the rose ceremony, Sarah has a panic attack. We’ll see what happens when this continues next week. 

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