I’m Sure This Will Stir Up Some More Drama Next Week

Last week on The Bachelor, we had the first dates of the season and plenty of drama to go with it. 

We pick up where we left off last week where halfway through the rose ceremony, Sarah passed out. They spend like a minute on it and it’s right back to the rose ceremony with some of the girls, especially Victoria (psycho) accuse her of faking it. Back to the rose ceremony and with the final rose, Matt keeps Victoria, sending Marylynn home. That’s gotta be a producers drama rose. No way anyone with a brain would keep her around. 

On the first group date of the season, Bachelor Nation alum, Ashley Iaconetti hosts a date where the girls have to write a sexy scene with Matt, inspired by Chris Harrison’s romance novel. 

Sarah, who’s not on the group date has issues with handling the jealous of Matt dating all the other women, walks to where the cocktail party is to talk to him. It’s week 3. Gotta chill out. Be normal. Matt tells her to worry about her own relationship ship with Matt and not all the other girls. I liked this girl on their one on one, but I’m quickly starting to not like her. After her interrupting Matt, Sarah goes to apologize to all the other girl, who don’t take it well. Victoria and Katie go confront Sarah after she leaves the group date. Rachel gets the group date rose. 

Before the one on one date, Matt comes to talk to all the girls about the night before and Sarah isn’t with all the rest of the girls. Matt goes up to see her and let’s Sarah know that he still wants her there. He kind of just plays into her game. 

Serena P. gets the one on one date of the week. On to the date, they go horseback riding and sit together having wine in the country. Serena uses the line “I’m falling into like with him”. Okay, Trista Sutter. At dinner, Serena asks Matt if he’s ever been in love. He gives her the good answer that when he was younger he thought he was, but that now looking back he doesn’t think so. I think that’s a good thing. Shows growth. They hit it off and Matt gives her the rose. 

As Sarah tries to slide in right before the second group date card gets read off, the rest of the girls call her out. Katie goes to talk to Sarah privately after that where Sarah opens up to her that she’s going home and they connect about Sarah’s dad and that Katie lost her father. Katie lets the rest of the girls know that Sarah’s leaving and to stay classy about it while Sarah goes to tell Matt. When she goes to tell Matt, she tells her that a bunch of the other women are being cruel and malicious to her. Which doesn’t seem very genuine, even with the shit she has going on at home. I’m sure this will stir up some more drama next week.

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