Most boring rose ceremony in Bachelor history

Last week on the Bachelor was a big one, with Matt sending seven girls home and down to the final four with their families coming for hometowns. In the current world, before tonight’s episode Matt released a statement about the Rachael Kirkconnell/Chris Harrison issue and that he will address it again later in the future which to me and the most of Bachelor Nation just points that Rachael will go on to win this season. As someone who never looks for spoilers on this show cause I like watching the drama and being surprised as it airs, but like, she has to have won. Otherwise they wouldn’t be making such an ordeal out of this for weeks. They all would’ve said it was wrong and that’d be it. Kind of took the wind out of the sails on watching the rest of the season. But, we continue on. 

Bri, Michelle, Rachael and Serena remain. And this week Matt gets to meet their families. 

Michelle is the first with a hometown date. They start this date with a Zoom class of the students in Michelle’s class. Very cute. The kids ask Matt a bunch of questions. Adorable. Like I audibly said aweeee twice during this thing.  It seems to go pretty well. 

Rachael’s up next. Will there be drama surrounding this? We will see. Matt and Rachael start their date off with a surprise skydive. Skydiving looks fucking awesome, by the way. After, although her dad pushes back a good amount, they both seem to see how happy she is with him. It might just be that I already know about her past and everything, but she seems real nervous about the whole thing. Matt doesn’t ask her dad for his blessing for an engagement but then tells Rachael that if it comes down to the two of them, he’d rather call and ask at that point. Interesting. 

Next up is Bri. They go off roading in a Jeep. When meeting her family, Bri tells her mom that she thinks she’s falling in love with Matt and that she’s terrified of opening up to him and it not working out. 

Serena’s got the last hometown date. First they do a bunch of Canadian themed things. Cute I guess. Serena’s not fully there. Her and her family see it too that there’s some doubt there that it’s not going to work. After the date and after talking to Chris Harrison, Matt for to talk to Serena to talk about her doubts. Serena says that even though she likes him and he checks the boxes, she doesn’t think he’s her “person”. Matt knew that something was off after meeting with her family. It is what it is. If if just doesn’t work for two people, it just doesn’t work. Sucks but not worth trying to force it. Matt’s noticeably shook up by it and has what if’s no on the other three ladies.

Pretty anti-climactic rose ceremony to go into fantasy suites apparently. Three roses with three ladies left. Michelle accepts the first rose. Rachael accepts the second rose. Bri accepts the final rose. Most boring rose ceremony in Bachelor history. 

Next week might be the fucking worst fucking Women Tell All on this show with how bad this cast of ladies was. Fantasy suites two weeks from now. 

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