The Most Controversial Season in Bachelor History Comes to An End

Tonight we’re finally at the end of Matt’s season of The Bachelor. This season wasn’t good on the screen with some of the worst girls I’ve ever seen on this show. Not to mention how all the off screen drama completely over shadowed the entire season. Matt’s down to the final two girls, Rachael, who obviously wins or there would never have been such an uproar off screen about her and Michelle, who’s likely going to eventually be The Bachelorette.

Michelle meets Matt’s mom and brother first of the two ladies. Matt’s family really likes her. I do like Michelle a lot and hopefully she does get a shot to be Bachelorette if this doesn’t work out (it obviously doesn’t) as she seems down to Earth and just a genuine person. Especially in this season of mean immature girls.

Rachel’s next and obviously Matt’s favorite. Matt’s mom likes her to and obviously this is prior to all the off screen drama with her. 

After meeting both girls, Matt’s mom reiterates to him that being in love isn’t always going to make a marriage work and that he should be completely sure before getting engaged. She wants him to be ready for marriage and he clearly doesn’t know if he is or not. After that, Matt asks to talk to Chris Harrison (I’m personally SO pissed he’s not hosting next season of The Bachelorette). He also says something very interesting of that when you find out something new and change perspective, if you don’t have a change of heart that could be a problem. Interesting with how talking to his mom seemingly sparked that when you could draw very close parallels with all this offscreen bullshit. 

Matt has his first final date with Michelle. The two of them do this fun thing where they propel off the side of a tall building. I think these types of dates are fun. Afterwards, while they talk, Michelle asks Matt about if he thinks he’s ready for marriage and he talks about how he still has to figure out if he’s ready to make that decision. Michelle gives him a cute gift of matching Mr. and Mrs. James jerseys. Cute. But Matt has his doubts and knows that it’s not gonna work out with the two of them. Matt tells Michelle that he’s having doubts and that this is the first time he’s feeling that, which scares him. So he’s clearly not ready for marriage and afraid of commitment.

“I don’t think I can get there with you”

So that’s done before the Final Rose. I feel bad for Michelle as that had to almost be blindsiding at that point. I think she’s a great candidate to be the Bachelorette. 

And then there was one. And its the girl that’s had the most controversial and problematic issues that Bachelor Nation has ever seen. 

After the Michelle breakup, Chris comes to talk to Matt again, who’s totally shook up about ending it with her. Matt says that he loved her, but wasn’t in love with her. Matt says he can’t bring Rachael it to himself to be able to be engaged to Rachael either. And that he needs more clarity to make that decision, which he doesn’t have. So maybe pick either girl. Not ready for marriage. Which is totally understandable, it totally makes sense that you might not find your future wife on a highly dramatized reality TV show.

While getting ready for her final date with Matt, Chris Harrison goes to see Matt and tells her that Matt’s emotional and unsure and that her final date with Matt is cancelled. What else to make Matt feel more sure than for Neil Lane to come see him to pick out a ring possibly for Rachael. Matt picks out a ring and “holds onto it”. He’s definitely not ready.

Rachael gets a date card under her door to go see Matt. Before this whole thing Matt tells Chris that he thinks he’ll know when he sees Rachael. Okay. So you’re going to decide what you feel about this girl just from what your initial thought is when you see this girl. Not ready.

The Final Rose.

Is love enough?

Outside of the whole offscreen bullshit, I actually really liked Rachael this season and in spite of all that happened outside of this show, I do think her and Matt actually would’ve been a decent match (probably not though just cause of all the drama of this shit). Matt tells Rachael though that he’s not 100% sure and can’t propose to her and possibly put her through the same thing as his parents. He tells her that he loves her though and that he wants to leave this thing with her and continue their relationship outside of the show. I actually think thats the perfect ending to a season of the Bachelor. I don’t think that really anyone can be totally ready for marriage with someone they met in 6-8 weeks or however long it takes to film a season. So whats wrong with going on your own timeline and just dating until you figure out if this is for real in the real world or not. 

Rachael, will you accept this rose?

My favorite line of every season. I knew exactly when Chris Harrison had that reaction on Rachel Lindsey’s podcast or whatever it was that Rachael Kirkconnell was the winner of this season.

On to After the Final Rose. Emmanuel Acho, who I never heard of prior to the announcement of him filling in for Chris Harrison hosts the After the Final Rose ceremony. He makes light of that quickly in a way I actually find funny as he introduces himself and that he’s standing in for Chris as what makes this “the most SHOCKING After the Final Rose” ever. Obviously. So this is entirely going to be all about the racism shit that happened offscreen this season. And more importantly, this shows about love and romance and all that comes from that. 

Michelle’s the first on the hot seat and this already feels weird without Chris Harrison (can you not already tell what a huge fan of Chris I am). After that breakup with Matt, Michelle says that she didn’t get the closure that she needed. Matt apparently refused to have the conversation with her after that breakup for her to get her closure. Which I think is shitty although Matt likely didn’t make that decision, producers did for this very reason. Then four minutes into After the Final Rose, Michelle is asked about the whole Rachael off screen controversy. Michelle says that she feels like Rachael has a good heart but it all came off as ignorant by Rachael and that she was also hurt by the whole Chris Harrison controversy as well surrounding it. She makes a point that there’s a point where all of this becomes exhausting. 

Watching this without Chris Harrison hosting feels so weird.

Matt joins Michelle on stage. Michelle tells Matt that when he walked away she completely crumbled and that not getting that closure really hurt her. Matt gives her a ton of praise and apologizes for not having that conversation with her as their relationship ends. 

Matt tells Emmanuel how much more outside of just finding love that Matt had to take on as being the first black Bachelor and how much pressure that was on him in today’s political and social climate. And now the Rachael drama and problematic things that came out on the internet over this season. Matt talks about how at first he was there for Rachael and dismissed them as rumors. Then as he found out that they were true, it made him question everything. He talks about growing up in the South and growing up as a black guy. He says that when Rachael publicly apologized for it, that he realized that she might not have understood what it was like for him and that they are no longer together, which obviously everyone expected. Matt asks the audience not to get so triggered by the whole outrage over the Rachael drama. Credit where it’s due, Emmanuel does a great job of question Matt about his feelings for Rachael in a way that Chris wouldn’t have been able to do in the same way.

Before Rachael and Matt sit down together, Rachael is on the hot seat for her first time publicly since her controversy all came out online about her attending an antebellum themed party. Rachael starts off with a very well versed statement that she doesn’t want to sit there and victimize herself around this whole ordeal. And let’s get into it. Rachael says that at that point in 2018, she was living in ignorance and not asking herself the questions that she should’ve. This girl handles this perfectly. Emmanuel says that Rachael’s actions at that time were racially insensitive but that doesn’t make her or someone who had those actions racist. Which is just a cleaner way of saying exactly what I’ve been thinking on these whole issues over the last few months as this has all played out and pretty much what Chris should’ve said as he interviewed with Rachel Lindsey. Rachael says that throughout filming the season, she never even considered that these pictures were going to be problematic. She says that when Matt ended things with her that was when she realized how much she hurt him in this whole controversy and that she still loves him. 

Matt joins Rachael and Emmanuel. Rachael starts by giving Matt an apology about how hard it had to be on Matt. Matt tells her that the hardest part for him in this whole thing is that she didn’t understand how he felt about all of it and that she didn’t understand what it was like for him to be black. I mean, it makes sense that this didn’t work out especially while all of this was happening online over the most popular reality show on TV. I think Matt was a good Bachelor and it’s a shame that this whole season was overshadowed by this whole racism debate. Emotional ending as the most controversial season in Bachelor history comes to an end. 

On to more positive things, the next Bachelorette. Michelle and Katie are the next two Bachelorettes in the next two upcoming seasons. I think both of them are going to be great fits for that role and I’m excited to watch (although pissed that it won’t be with Chris Harrison hosting but I’m sure Tayshia and Kaitlynn will be fine) Katie and then Michelle’s journeys to find love.

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