NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 5/11/21

With the Montreal Canadiens getting their clinching point in their OT loss to the Oilers last night, all 16 playoff teams are decided with the first game of the playoffs starting this coming Saturday. As the season wraps up, we have two meaningless games tonight.  

Capitals vs. Bruins (7:00)

These two teams are locked in the 2/3 seeds in the East and will see each other when the puck drops Saturday for the first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs in our nation’s capital. This game is a meaningless preview for that series. On the season, the Bruins are 4-3 against the Caps but are resting all of their contributing players tonight. I’d lean the Caps tie the season series with a win tonight. I’d also lean the over which is 6-1 this season in games they’ve played.

Jets vs. Canucks (8:00)

The Jets are in the playoffs and just playing to be the 3 seed to play Edmonton instead of the 4 seed to play Toronto in the first round. So really they’re not playing for anything significant. After last night’s 3-1 Canucks win last night, the Jets are now 5-3 on the season against Vancouver. Winnipeg’s playing really bad hockey heading into the playoffs, with only one win in their last ten games and if they weren’t in such a shitty division they wouldn’t even be in it. I’d lean the Jets bounce back with a win tonight but this team is going to get fucking smoked by either the Oilers or Leafs in the first round.


None until the playoffs start


2u Stanley Cup Champions: Vegas Golden Knights (+700)

2u Stanley Cup Champions: Colorado Avalanche (+650)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: New York Islanders (+1300)

1u Stanley Cup Champions: Washington Capitals (+1600)

Record: 308-228-2 (-15.13 units)

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