This looks to be a good season for Katie to find love, on her season of The Bachelorette

Last season of the Bachelor was a complete trainwreck with Matt James having arguably the worst cast of women I’ve ever see together for a season in the Bachelor Nation franchise. The season was then overtaken by offscreen drama with racial issues that lead to Chris Harrison no longer hosting the show. I think that’s a bunch of bullshit but I’m not getting into that. 

One of the bright spots of that season to me, was our new Bachelorette, Katie Thurston. Who would have thought that the girl that came in on night one out of the limo with a vibrator would become one of the only voices of reason. But she was one of the nice ones of the cast and her, along with Michelle, another bright side of the season are our next two Bachelorette leads. Katie’s up first and her season kicks off tonight, hosted by former Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. I think outside of Chris Harrison, those two are great choices to host…but there’s no replacing Chris. 

Let’s start off this season meeting the men fighting for Katie’s love.

Let the Journey Begin!

  • Connor B: Math teacher/musician from Nashville. This loser wears a cat costume out of the limo. Somehow Katie likes him a lot though.
  • Karl: Motivational speaker
  • Brendan: Hockey player from Canada thats a firefighter. I feel like I know a ton of guys like this dude and there’s no way he wins. He’s just looking to get pucks deep
  • Andrew S: football player in Austria. Solid move coming out of the limo with the proper UK accent and then telling her he’s from Chicago. That’s a memorable funny move that almost made me forget that he rolled in from a 1920s car
  • Mike: baseball player that got drafted, but claims he’s a virgin. Bible on his intro thing, so this kid’s gonna act like he’s Tim Tebow and make a whole big thing out of it. Hey, that whole act worked for Colton (who now after being the Bachelor is gay).
  • Justin: Painter. Makes a pretty funny joke around it though when he gets out of the 
  • Tre: Seems decent. His entrance sucks popping out of a ball pit in the bed of a truck but Katie likes it
  • Greg: Seems annoying and that he’s just trying to live in the future
  • Thomas: First guy out of the limo, reminds me of someone famous, can’t think of who though
  • Aaron: This guy kind of reminds me of Dale that Claire ended up with on here shitty portion of a season
  • Andrew M: I could see him not get past night one
  • David: His pants are way too short
  • Michael: Looks like a dweeb and gives her an airport watch thing
  • Greg: SO nervous coming out of the limo. She says he looks like her ex boyfriend. No bueno.
  • Gabriel: walks her through a hug…are you fucking kidding me?
  • John: No comments
  • Garrett: No comments
  • Austin: “I’m on the pursuit of happiness”…okay Kid Cudi
  • Marty: No comments
  • Landon: Seems interesting
  • Josh: Math pun of “100% here for you”…what a dork
  • Brandon: This guy rolled in on a moped. Not a good luck for any guy to even ride a moped
  • Conor C: “This is my first baseball glove, if I’m gonna be catching feelings”…give me a break
  • Kyle: some jock strap thing…weird
  • Hunter: “kind of a catch” with a fake fish…might be the worst intro so far
  • Jeff: Drives in an RV…
  • James: This loser came in a huge box that didn’t open and she has to meet him inside. When he gets out of the box he looks like arguably the biggest douchebag of all these guys
  • Marcus: Seems pretty normal
  • Mike: “How you doing?”, this guy knows how to play the game
  • Cody: This kid bringing in a sex doll is even more fucking weird than Katie bringing a vibrator in on night one of Matt’s season of The Bachelor. But thats actually a decent move for her
  • Christian: Another funny one
  • Quartney: Is his only funny thing he can do the puns with his stupid name?

Katie has some good first impressions with some of her guys. Justin gets the first kiss off the season but the kid with the cat costume makes the biggest first impression on her and makes out with her enough that the cat whiskers makeup gets all over her. Greg gets the first impression rose though.

First rose ceremony of the season. Gotta say, having Kaitlyn Bristowe say “this is the final rose tonight” instead of Chris Harrison fucking sucked. Such a bad move by woke ABC not having Chris. But anyway, the sex doll kid Cody gets the last rose of the night.

This looks to be a good season for Katie to find love, on her season of The Bachelorette.

PS: Blake Moynes from Claire and Tayshia’s season shows up later too, so we’ll see how that turns out.

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