From great connections to big drama, what a start to this season of The Bachelorette.

Last week we met all the men fighting for Katie’s heart. This week the dates begin and all that comes with them. Romance, drama, rose ceremonies. Here we go.

The first date card of the season is for the first group date. On that date, first the guys get quizzed about sex questions. “How many erogenous zones does the female body have?”…obviously its seven and all of these guys haven’t watched Friends otherwise they’d know that Monica taught us it was SEVEN, seven, seven, seven.

Some of these questions make Mike, the thirty one year old virgin real uncomfortable and he just answers “?” to all of these questions since he wants to tell Katie that he wants to wait till marriage and not bang before that rather than have it aired out to everyone else right away. Like the guy is crying in the confessional. Give me a break. 

Conner goes first and sings a song to Katie. She’s a big fan of him after he did the whole cat costume thing coming out of the limo. There’s some funny ones, there’s some creepy ones and there’s some weird ones. Karl’s is extra creepy and weird and all the rest of the guys aren’t a fan of him. Mike does like a whole cute little speech thing to Katie that she loves while he doesn’t really say he’s a virgin. He wins the competition and gets the trophy for the “best lover”.  Her and Thomas have a really good connection at the cocktail party after and he gets the group date rose. Karl’s the biggest douche after too and I already don’t like him. 

Greg, who got the first impression rose last week, gets the first one on one date of the season. Great sign for him! They go on an outdoor date and they have an awesome connection. He’s definitely the early favorite and their connection seems to come easy to both of them. Katie gets deep talking about her dad, who passed away in 2012 and she gets emotional talking to her. Greg handles it awesome too. At dinner after that though, Greg tells Katie that he lost his father as well a few years ago.

“Will you accept this rose?”

It’s still so early in the season but this kid has to be by far the favorite to win this season. 

Tayshia and Kaitlyn wake up all the guys up and make them all head for the second group date right away however they got woken up. They start the date with mud wrestling. Aaron wins that competition and gets the belt and a chance of some one on one time with Katie. Katie brings up that she saw that him and Cody didn’t get along on the date and Aaron says they knew each other before the show and throws Cody under the bus saying that he’s“malicious”, “unkind”, only on the show to get famous and essentially says he’s not here for the right reasons. Drama already. Katie comes back to the rest of the house and asks to talk to Cody, who denies what Aaron says. Whenever any of this kind of shit happens I think they should both get sent home. Katie also says that Cody seemed like his response seemed “calculated”. Not good there. Katie very quickly sends Cody home. At least we don’t have to deal with that any longer. Andrew S. who comforted Katie after she sent Cody home gets the group date rose. 

At the cocktail party, Karl tells Katie that there’s some guys in the house that don’t have the best intentions. He doesn’t say who though. This guy is the fucking worst of all the guys in the house and everything he says sounds fake. All the rest of the guys seem fine. This drives Katie nuts though and I don’t think I’ve ever heard “here for the wrong reasons” so many times only two episodes into a season. This fucking loser Karl (a loser name to begin with) made himself the enemy of the whole house. Hopefully this fake asshole is gone soon. 

 Next week, the drama continues. 

From great connections to big drama, what a start to this season of The Bachelorette.  

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