More drama, more romance again, this week on The Bachelorette.

Last week the dates started for Katie’s season of the Bachelorette. With that, came some romantic moments that might pan out to be the start of the relationship that makes it to the end of the show, as well as unnecessary drama in the house already.

We pick right up from last week when Karl decided to start drama by saying that some guys aren’t here for the right reasons but didn’t say anything specific. So just dropped that to start shit against everyone else. Katie cancels the rest of the cocktail party after that and we’re right to the rose ceremony. 

After giving Mike P. one of the earlier roses, he tells her that all the guys, collectively as a unit think what Karl said was not true. All the rest of the guys agree on it to Katie. Great move by all the guys to stick together to get rid of this shit. Katie steps away to Tayshia and Kaitlyn and tells them that she initially planned to keep him but now doesn’t know. They tell her it’s ultimately her decision and we continue. With the final remaining rose (still feels weird not having Chris Harrison say it’s the final rose tonight), Katie keeps Aaron, thankfully sending Karl home. 

On the first group date card, Katie doesn’t sign it which the guys notice. On the date, Katie and the guys are joined by former Bachelor, Nick Viall. The guys tell Katie about their past relationships. Hunter starts by telling Katie that his previous marriage failed and that he has two kids from that previous marriage. Thomas goes second last and tells her that going into this he didn’t know if he was going into it for the right reasons because he hadn’t met her yet. So if it didn’t work he knew he could use it as a platform, which is literally why every contestant goes in any of these shows. They do it to start rolling in the money on Instagram ads. He tells her that he’s lead girls on and that he didn’t take it seriously, going on a date a week before the show. Not great. Then Connor B. goes last, who I think is likely the second favorite behind Greg. He says that he dropped out of grad school, got into  drinking a ton and ended up one night getting hammered and cheating on his girlfriend. He then says he feels as though he put a lot of effort and is confident that he grew and learned from that. Katie appreciates it. 

Then it’s Katie’s turn who tells the guys on the date that ten years prior, that she was involved in a situation where there wasn’t consent and then denied it.

In the cocktail party following the group date, Katie asked Thomas about his red flags one on one rather than in the group setting. He doesn’t really have any answers or anything to say. After that, Thomas comes to interrupt Katie while she’s talking to Aaron and says his biggest goal is to get the rose. He’s pretty much become the new villain and all the other guys on the date tell him he’s disrespectful and he tells them that he told Katie that he’s falling in love with her. No fucking way that’s true. Right as that argument is going on, Katie comes to talk to all the guys. Connor B. gets the group date rose for opening up and being vulnerable with his mistakes of the past.

Back at the house, after the group date, Aaron brings up the disrespect from Thomas. All the rest of the guys already hate this guy.

Meanwhile, Michael A. tells the guys in the house that his former wife, who he was with for 16 years and had a baby with, passed away of cancer a few years prior. That’s a lot. 

Not surprising at all, he gets the one on one. At dinner after their dune buggy date, Michael tells Katie about his wife and how she passed away. And it’s so fucking sad to watch. He really opens up about it and makes you really feel for this guy. 

Michael, will you accept this rose?

All the guys in the house are so against Thomas, talking about how he’s a sociopathic liar and he’s the new clear enemy in the house. Hunter calls out Thomas before the next group date. Thomas admits that he saw himself being the next Bachelor by coming here. So he’s not here for the right reasons, obviously.

More drama, more romance again, this week on The Bachelorette. 

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