Great moves from Katie, but more Drama to come on The Bachelorette

Last week, the romance heated up and the drama escalated even more on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette.

We start this week picking up where we left off last week with the rest of the guys saying that Thomas is there for the wrong reasons and that he just wants to be the next Bachelor. 

On the first group date of the week and the guys play a Truth or Dare game. After a handful of different tasks, the guys have to eat a habanero pepper and do a “proposal” to Katie. At the cocktail party following it, after an argument between Andrew S. and Tre about telling Katie about Thomas’s intentions, Tre decides to do so and let’s her know. After that, Katie asks the rest of the guys on true date about Thomas and they all echo what Tre told her. She appreciates what Tre tells her and he gets the group date rose.

The next morning, Tayshia comes to see Katie and let’s her know that someone from her season, who we know is Blake Moynes wants to meet Katie. 

Before the rose ceremony, Thomas goes to talk to Katie for the first time following her being told he’s not there for the right reasons. She asks him if he mentioned that he went there to be the next Bachelor. Everything he says to her seems manipulated and Katie calls it out that he just tells her what she wants to hear.  

Time for the rose ceremony. Right before the first rose, Thomas spews some bullshit to both Katie and the rest of the guys a his final hope to stick around. Before the final rose, Katie calls Thomas as if she’s giving him the rose, shocking the rest of the guys. When he gets up to her, she steps back and tells him, he is selfish, unkind and a liar and kicks him right out saying his “Bachelor audition ends tonight”. What a great move by Katie.

Following the rose ceremony, Katie goes to see Blake and invites him to join the house. That’s guaranteed to cause more drama.  

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