Hunter’s the new annoying villain on this season of The Bachelorette.

Last week on the Bachelorette ended with a bang as Katie sent home Thomas at the rose ceremony with the now iconic line of “your Bachelor audition ends tonight” and that was then followed up with her inviting Blake Moynes from Tayshia and Clare’s season to join the house and this season. 

Tayshia walks into the house to talk to the guys and let’s them know that Blake will be joining them to fight for Katie’s heart. I think Blake honestly does a good job of introducing himself to the house in a situation that obviously is going to cause tension in the house. Not his fault the producer put him into the house several weeks into the season. To make it tougher on the other guys, Blake gets the first one on one date of the week. Before their one on one, Katie comes to address the guys about adding Blake into the mix. She doesn’t say much but the rest of the guys aren’t thrilled. Clearly. 

Blake and Katie go horseback riding. They get to it pretty quick with making out in the hay and Katie is obviously pretty into him. At dinner, Blake asks Katie about what made her all sex positive and humorous about it. She tells him about the New Years Eve party, her sexual assault ten years prior and how she recovered from it in a positive and healthy way. They really hit it off and “Blake will you accept this rose?” I think they could be a good match and as they’re dancing after, Katie tells the confessional that she could see herself ending up with Blake at the end of this. 

Next up is the group date where the guys play “Bash Ball”, a game that’s a combo of rugby and basketball, with the winning team getting to spend time with Katie. This game actually seems like a blast to play. The game gets pretty aggressive and after Michael A. gets hurt, Katie ends the game and invites both teams to the cocktail party after. Mike tells the other guys about his wife passing away. I could definitely see him being the next Bachelor if it doesn’t work out with him and Katie. Mike telling the guys definitely puts thing into perspective for Greg. Hunter who was real cocky going into this date and tells Katie about his kids at the cocktail party, gets the rose. A lot of the other guys (and me) already don’t like this dork and that doesn’t help.  

Andrew S. gets the second one on one date. On their date, Katie and Andrew open all these little envelopes hanging off lights in the woods to get them to open up doing stupid things like their best dance moves, animal noises, etc. Afterwards, they connect on what they learned from their parents not being together. Following that, Andrew brings up their difference in race and Katie reassures him that it isn’t an issue for her whatsoever. Katie gives Andrew a rose. 

At the pre rose ceremony cocktail party, Hunter pisses off some of the other guys by having a little “mini one on one” with a telescope like a dweeb when he already has a rose. James, who reminds me of Scott Caan from Entourage with a ridiculous outfit comes to steal away Katie, pissing off Hunter…which Katie actually seems to like. Hunter’s the new enemy in the house. 

With the final rose of the night, Katie selects Tre to stay another week. No surprise to me as she sends Quartney and a few other guys who’ve gotten zero air time so far this season.

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