Emotional night for Katie, this week on The Bachelorette.

Every week, as one source of drama leaves the house on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette, a new villain emerges. The latest, Hunter, who established himself as such an annoying douche bag last week. 

Katie starts off this week pretty stupidly with the idea to tell all the guys that they can’t jerk off in the house. Give me a fucking break. Katie wants to see who would be the “master of their domain”. Last I checked, this is the Bachelorette and not Seinfeld (which didn’t last long for Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer either). 

Back at the house, Hunter tells Greg that he thinks Katie already has the Final 4 picked out and the way he tells Greg that seems very calculated, while delusional. Greg makes the smart move of not really acknowledging it. 

Justin gets the first one on one of the week. They do a “wedding” date. They start off the date with Justin having to write vows to Katie and read them off to him and then Katie reads him her’s which are like as generic as possible. At dinner, Katie breaks down a bit about that her dad won’t be able to give his blessing or walk her down the aisle at her real wedding. She also opens up about that her father that passed away was not her biological father and that she doesn’t have a relationship with him. Justin comforts her and Katie gives him the rose. 

On the group date, the ten guys have to debate as to why they are the best guy for Katie while roasted the other guys on why they’re not. So all these guys are going to crush Hunter and this dweeb isn’t going to be able to handle it. The guys all bring up that Katie has a Top 4 list and after Hunter says that he’s falling in love with Katie. Tre quickly calls out that Hunter just told a confessional the opposite. 

At the cocktail party after, Katie tells Greg that she’s starting to fall for him. James later tells Katie that Hunter seems in-genuine. Tre brings up the same and then Aaron echos it, that Hunter’s not here for the right reasons. Katie then talks to Hunter himself and addresses it to him that she’s concerned that he’s being calculated. After she talks to Hunter, she’s so upset she throws up. She ends the night early and no one gets a group date rose. 

Connor gets the second group date of the night. Katie starts the date by pretty much saying she hopes to get him out of the friend zone with the date cause she doesn’t feel a connection when they kiss but likes spending time into him. So no chance this kid’s winning. They do a double date with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick (of none other than Buffalo, NY). Katie and Connor finish the day’s date making out but Katie clearly doesn’t see that connection and before dinner, she goes crying to his room. He knows what’s coming and comforts her as she’s upset in sending him home. She’s just not that into you. Before he leaves, he goes to say goodbye to the guys. Surprised they did that rather than have Trent from Barstool drag out the luggage. It does scare the rest of the guys and makes it feel real to them. Connor will be great on paradise. 

As Katie’s crying after ending it with Connor, Blake surprises her with a boom box over his head like he was Ben Afflect in Say Anything. Katie loves the surprise and she’s real into Blake. Blake’s super confident in it and sees him ending up at the end of this. 

Before the cocktail party, Katie tells the guys that time spent tonight before the rose ceremony doesn’t really matter and she cancels the party and they go right to the rose ceremony. Six roses, so four guys are going home. 

Prior to handing out the first rose, Katie calls Hunter up and asks him to go outside and talk. He seems real fake in that conversation either and he goes back to join the rest of the guys in the rose ceremony. When she returns, Katie gives Blake the first rose. Andrew gets the next, then Greg and then Michael A. No surprises there. With the second last rose, Katie gives it to Mike P. And with the final rose tonight…

“Brendan, will you accept this rose?”

That sends Aaron, James, Tre and most importantly, Hunter. Thank god that fucking dweeb is gone. 

Emotional night for Katie, this week on The Bachelorette. 

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