On to Hometowns for Katie with a Great Final Four

I’m a day late watching this week’s episode of The Bachelorette. Tough shit, but I had other things to do last night that were more important. Last week was an emotional one for Katie as five men went home. There’s seven guys remaining with hometowns coming up next week and three guys going home tonight. Let’s get into this.

Greg gets the first one on one of the week, his second of the season. During the day they have a great time and have a great connection. At dinner though, Katie brings up that for as confident as she is in their relationship, she’s afraid that Greg’s going to leave because it doesn’t seem to her that he can handle the environment of being on the show well. After Greg reassures her and tells her that he’s falling in love with her…”Greg will you accept this rose?” and he moves onto hometowns. After she give him the rose, in the confessional, Katie says that she’s falling in love with Greg too. He’s clearly the favorite to win this whole thing.

When the group date card is read off, Brendan who hasn’t gotten a one on one yet is on there. He goes to talk to Katie about why he’s still around and that he hasn’t gotten a one on one with her. Katie tells him that she doesn’t think that she can get there with him, and he goes home. Not really surprising since he hasn’t had time with her. 

On the group date, the guys see a bunch of paintings that look like flowery vaginas. These group dates are so fucking weird. The guys then do their own art. At the after party, Blake tells Katie that he isn’t in love with her but he sees it all happening with her and has a ton of confidence in him and Katie’s relationship. Katie also addresses Michael’s concerns with meeting his son and family and reassures him that they will figure it out. Michael receives the group date rose and he’s onto hometowns as well.

Mike P. has the last one on one before hometowns. On their date, they go in the woods and have this cuddle hippy lady show them how to do all these different cuddling positions. SO weird. This is also super awkward to watch. He also compares Katie to his mom which makes it even weirder. Mike tells Katie that the reason he’s still a virgin at 31 is because he’s waiting for marriage. No chance whatsoever that this date ends with him getting a rose. Like there’s just not compatibility between them. After the whole cuddling thing, Katie tells Mike that she has stronger relationship and their date just didn’t get her there and she sends him home. Knew that was coming. It’s actually more surprising that he lasted this long. Nice guy but no way this was going to work.

Two roses left with Justin, Andrew and Blake remaining for who goes onto hometowns. 

First up, “Blake, will you accept this rose?

And with the final rose tonight, “Justin, will you accept this rose?“. That one actually sort of surprised me. I thought the final rose of the night was going to Andrew and talking to him after the rose ceremony, Katie has a very emotional good bye and a tough break up with him. Had to have been the hardest decision that she has made all season. Before he leaves the next morning, Andrew comes to say a happy good bye to Katie and leaves her with a note that says “if you change your mind… I’ll be waiting :)” After reading the note, Katie chases Andrew down, gives him a hug and asks him that if there was a way for him to stay, would he? He makes the smart move of saying no. Move on. Good for him and good closure. Don’t be a second choice. I could see Andrew being the next Bachelor. And I think he’d be a good choice for that. 

On to hometowns for Katie with the final four, Greg, Michael, Blake and Justin. A great final four.

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