Jon Rahm is out of the Olympics with COVID again proving what a bunch of bullshit this testing is

This morning the PGA Tour dropped the bomb that along with Bryson DeChambeau testing positive for COVID-19 and being replaced by Fatrick Reed in the Olympics (the two biggest assholes on tour), Jon Rahm is also out of the Olympics testing positive.

This is now Rahm’s second time having to deal with this coronavirus bullshit, the first time coming just around 70 days ago when he had a touchdown lead in The Memorial going into Sunday’s round where he surely would have capped off his win for $1,674,000. But instead he  was told on the 18th green that he tested positive and had to withdraw. 

He was “half vaccinated” as they claim, but very quickly following that tournament, he got his second shot and is now “fully vaccinated”.

Yet he tested positive for it again, again while being perfectly healthy and now he is being robbed of the opportunity to represent his country in the Olympics. 

I haven’t gotten too far into this coronavirus bullshit on the blog since I wanted to keep politics out of this site and very quickly into this pandemic it was clear that a lot of this virus was shrouded in lies and politics. But this is fucking ridiculous. A virus so deadly that even along with all this manipulated data to push narratives, has a survival rate of 99.97% and you have to take a test to even be told you have it. That’s bullshit to me. 

The real problem here is that we’re still testing for this shit. There’s no way Rahm shouldn’t be allowed to compete. Stop testing since this whole thing is a bunch of fucking bullshit.

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