Greg or Nothing. What happens next week as Katie’s journey to find love on the The Bachelorette comes to an end?

With Michael’s exit last week before the Men Tell All, Katie’s season of The Bachelorette is nearing it’s end with only three men remaining, Blake, Greg and Justin. This week a dramatic week of hometowns.

The first hometown of the week, Blake. They have a Canada themed date. Both his mom and sister tell him he has to man up and tell Katie that he loves her. He ultimately doesn’t feel in love with her yet though so at the end of their date he doesn’t say it. At least we know he’s genuine, although probably not ready for marriage yet.

Justin, who’s parents aren’t able to come to his hometowns, starts the week talking to them on the phone. His mom gives a little pushback on him that she doesn’t see how this process should work out so quickly but that both of his parents trust his judgement. They have their Baltimore themed date and then before they meet Justin’s friends, he tells Katie that his parents weren’t able to come and that his two best friends are here. Justin’s friends say that the way that they see him with Katie is unlike the norm for him and after that, he tells her that he’s falling in love with her. The connection does seem genuine between the two of them. 

Greg’s the last to have his hometown date. Going into it though he is a bit in his feelings with how Katie is feeling about Blake and Justin. They do a Jersey themed date riding around on a tandem bike. Like in their one on one where they did things that reminded Katie of her dad, today they play basketball together, which reminds Greg of his late father. I think Greg is clearly the front runner and Katie’s big time falling in love with him more than the other two guys. While talking to his mom Katie even tells her that Greg is the front runner and that she knows that he’s moving onto next week. Greg reiterates to his mom that he’s completely in love with Katie. Afterwards, Greg gets really emotional with Katie and pours his heart out to her about how in love with her he is and then she realizes in his body language that he’s not happy and there’s something holding him back. He wants her to reassure him that she loves him back. She calls it out and tells him that she already knows he’s going to be here next week and that she knows it sucks and that they’re almost at the end. So if she’s saying all that shit, she should just tell him that she loves him. There’s a fine line with having a principle because of the show and being crazy for no reason, and Katie’s toeing that line with this whole thing. So that all really unraveled quickly.

The next day, Greg goes to see Katie in her suite. Greg tells her that he felt like she completely dismissed it when he told her that. Katie tells Greg that at the end of this that’s when she wants to tell whatever guy she ends up with the love. Katie like makes excuses and comes off as very unemotional about this whole thing that’s clearly crushing Greg. Greg says he’s reached his breaking point and that he’s done. Katie fixates on that he was her #1 and that he definitely was getting a rose. He says he doesn’t give a shit about that. She’s essentially just playing the whole game of The Bachelorette way more than genuinely pursuing the relationship here with Greg (or Justin or Blake at this point). And he’s completely right in it. After he leave her room, Katie chases him down. Katie tells Greg that she saw that it was the two of them at the end of this and that if he leaves, she’s leaving too. Greg tells Katie that he’s done and walks away from her again. Katie then says she’s done too and that she just wants to go home.

After having a complete breakdown and telling Kaitlyn that she said in interviews that she was falling in love with Greg and that the way that he left and that she thinks he lost him for good and is done with all of it with this process. 

I want someone to book my flight home”.

It was Greg or nothing for Katie…so as Chris Harrison used to say (Bachelor Nation miss you Chris), next week, the most dramatic finale in Bachelorette history that no one saw coming. 

As the closing tag to the episode, in something I’ve never seen before, they do a whole montage of all the good moments between Katie and Greg. So that was quite interesting.

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