Bachelor in Paradise continues with the first rose ceremony of the season and plenty of drama

Last week Bachelor in Paradise began with a lot of the cast pairing off and hooking up pretty quickly. Not much drama’s hit the beach but it’s about to as we left off last week with the biggest star of Bachelor Nation, Demi arriving to the beach. And for the next two weeks we get back to back Monday and Tuesday episodes.

The guys have the roses this week with four ladies going home. As Demi arrives back to the beach where she was the first girl to pursue a girl in Paradise. But this time, Demi’s back on the prowl for the guys, not the ladies. “I love causing trouble, it’s my favorite thing to do”…at this point Demi should have her own show. And as she gets to Paradise, Joe Dirt (David Spade) hands her a date card to get the trouble started. With that date card, she takes Brendan on the date, which annoys Natasha. After their jet skiing date, where they hit it off and make out, Brendan tells Demi that he still wants to keep his options open. The rumors on the beach is that before Paradise, he was dating Pieper from Matt’s season and is waiting for her to get to the beach. And Demi is sure as shit not the right girl to pull that line out on.

Jessenia gets the second date of the week and asks Ivan, who she already hit it off with and made out with last week. The two of them seem to already be really hitting it off and they connect on the race talk that Ivan had on Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette and everything surrounding Matt’s season of The Bachelor. They actual seem like a pretty good couple and I could see them coming out of the beach engaged.

When Demi gets back from her date, alone, she talks to some of the ladies who tell her about Brendan’s involvement with Pieper before Paradise. When he gets back, Demi calls out Brendan on the Pieper thing and she calls his bullshit on it. After that, Brendan talks to Natasha who also confronts him about Pieper. This kid got himself into some shit. He tells Natasha that he’s had deeper conversations with her than Pieper and is open that he thinks he has the deepest connection with her. He might’ve pulled himself out of that hole pretty quickly. But a hurricane is still brewing with Demi who knows how this whole game works when she still needs a rose. 

Meanwhile, Tammy, who was super annoying in my eyes on Peter’s awful season of The Bachelor brings up that she heard that Victoria Paul has a boyfriend at home and is just pursuing James for a rose. Before the rose ceremony, Tammy and Kelsey bring it up to James. He confronts Victoria about it and she tells him that they broke up prior to her coming to Paradise. Victoria sort of proves that they’re all right as she can’t even remember James’ name. Victoria then confronts Tammy and Kelsey about calling out her bullshit and she breaks down. Victoria decides to apologize to James and leaves Paradise, essentially proving that Kelsey and Tammy were right and tells him that he has nothing against anyone still in Paradise including Tammy and Kelsey. Then in the exit interview in the cab she says “I don’t have to search for what I already have at home”, confirming that she has a boyfriend at home herself. After Victoria leaves, Demi slides in to try to get herself a rose. But Kelsey obviously wants one too and she doesn’t have any connections in Paradise. 

Time for the first rose ceremony for this season of Paradise with three ladies going home. There’s a bunch of obviously roses for the couples that paired up on night one but there still are a few questionable ones for the guys that haven’t made strong connections. Aaron gives his rose to Tammy, likely sending Serena C. home. Kenny gives his rose to Mari and with the final rose of the evening, James has Demi and Kelsey remaining and before he gives out the rose, Kelsey says she doesn’t feel good and doesn’t this whole act where she needs to sit down and have some water before she quickly feels better. As Demi says, can’t bullshit a bullshitter. With the final rose of the night…”Demi, will you accept this rose?

With that, Kelsey, Serena C. and “Queen Victoria” head home. All three of them annoyed me a lot on The Bachelor, so I’m fine with seeing all of them go.

We don’t have to wait long as Bachelor in Paradise is back again tomorrow night with the girls having the roses and Riley, who was pretty well liked on Tayshia’s season on The Bachelorette and Thomas, who everyone hated on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette arriving to the beach.

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