Thomas is back on his bullshit and other big drama is brewing on the beach in Paradise

Last night on Bachelor in Paradise we saw the rose ceremony of the season with four girls went home and plenty of drama from several guys and girls. Tonight the romance between some couples and the drama is sure to crank up with the big villain of Katie’s season, Thomas arriving to the beach and the ladies having the roses. Let’s get into it.

Since David Spade left last week, we get a new host this week. To find out who that is, there’s a boombox that plays It’s Gonna Be Me by NSYNC…still such a fucking fantastic banger of a song. Lance Bass arrives to host Paradise next. I still think they should just have Wells be the full time host.

Thomas rolls into Paradise, much to the disappointment of every guy on the beach. He comes in with a date card and we get the first “not here for the right reasons” of the season. I mean he openly said that he went on The Bachelorette with wanting to be The Bachelor and launching his platform. So obviously he’s not here for the right reasons either. With his date card, he takes Serena. This sends Joe into a bit of a spiral.

Riley, from Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette, who was pretty well liked arrives to the beach. He gets a date card and asks Maurissa to go on the date with him, to the disappointment of Connor. Tahzjuan is pretty disappointed that Riley doesn’t pick her even though she already had a connection with Tre.

When Serena gets back from her date with Thomas, she first goes to talk to Joe and tells him that she told Thomas that he should pursue other people. Good for Joe, I’m glad she picked the good guy rather than the fucking douchebag.

Back on the beach, Thomas talks to the other guys from Katie’s season, Karl, Tre, James and Aaron to try to set aside the bullshit from Katie’s season of The Bachelorette and tries to fake it. Meanwhile though, Thomas apparently talked shit about Tre and Tahzjuan tells him about Tre. So Tre confronts the asshole about that. Thomas back on his bullshit.

For their date, Riley and Maurissa have a dinner with a bunch of disgusting shit to eat and Lance Bass hosts the date where they either have to answer questions to get to know each other or they have to eat some of the random gross stuff on the table in front of them. This should be fun. They start with some pretty easy questions of if they’ve slid into any celebrity DMs or if they ever said “I love you” and didn’t mean it. But then it gets dicey as Lance asks them how many people they’ve slept with and their most embarrassing stories. They both eat some tongue and tripe. Both disgusting but neither seem to mind. Afterwards at their real dinner, Riley and Maurissa seem to hit it off really well and she opens up a lot to him. Which is bad news for Connor back on the beach, who doesn’t really seem to realize that. After their date, Riley and Maurissa go to the smush room (or whatever they’re calling it on here) and fuck. Sucks for Connor, but that’s Paradise.

Drama is sure to blow up even more next week!

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