Kind of disappointing episode of Bachelor in Paradise after last night’s awesome one

Last night’s Bachelor in Paradise was just incredible reality TV. As entertaining of an episode as you could get with huge drama all around the beach. Tonight all of that continues in what’s sure to be fantastic entertainment once again.

We pick up where we left off last night with Aaron confronting Thomas on the beach after Thomas stole Aaron’s girl Tammy right in front of him. After that, Tammy pulls Aaron to the side to talk to him one on one. I mean it definitely is disrespectful to Aaron but Tammy’s a bitch and like Demi says, Tammy likes to stir up the pot. Aaron has every right to be pissed about her shit. 

The girls have the roses this week and there’s four guys going home. After Karl gave Deandra a bracelet last night, Chasen now gives her a bracelet. So the only reason he did that was to one up Karl’s gift. Right away, Deandra tells Karl that Chasen gave it to her. Then, Deandra gives the bracelet back to Karl. So he’s gone cause no other girl is giving him a rose. Karl’s pissed and seeing that on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette he started his own unnecessary drama, more drama’s going to come from this for sure. Karl confronts Chasen on the whole one up thing with the jewelry and calls out Chasen for being fake. Which in this situation, he pretty much is.

Before the rose ceremony, Tre decides to talk to Tahzj that he doesn’t see things working out between the two of them and he decides to leave the beach since he didn’t see any future with any of the other girls here. Actually a really mature way to leave. Could’ve easily taken a rose from her and continued on. 

After Tre leaves, Lance Bass calls the whole cast together to let them know that for the first time ever, a former Bachelorette will be joining Paradise…Becca Kufrin. And she has another rose. All the guys are thrilled and all the ladies are not. 

Tahzjuan decides that like Tre, she’s just going home.

Aaron who’s still all sad about Tammy hooking up with Thomas, tries to talk to Becca and seems like such a nervous little kid wanting a rose. 

Rose ceremony time with three guys going home.

Natasha gives her rose to Brendan. Serena gives her’s to Joe. Abigail gives her’s to Noah. Jessenia to Chris. Tammy to Thomas. Demi to Kenny. Mari gives her rose to James after the whole drama with her, Kenny and Demi last night. Then Deandre surprises everyone and decides to give her rose to Ivan to keep him on the beach. Not Karl or Chasen, sending them both home. With the final rose of the evening and Karl, Chasen, Aaron and Conner remaining without a rose, Becca gives her rose to Aaron. Good for him. 

Tia returns to Paradise, who dated Colton Underwood the last time she was here, before he was The Bachelor and before he admitted he was gay. Kenny and Tia kind of hit it off and before she asks anyone on a date, Kenny goes and talks to Demi to essentially ask her for permission to go on a date with Tia. These two both just wanna fuck the entire beach. Tia asks Kenny to go on the date with her and he accepts. Time for Demi to cause a ton of new drama.

Abigail questions her “situationship” with Noah and if there’s a real connection between them or are they just better off friends. Its like there’s not a possibility of a relationship outside of Paradise between the two of them. It does sort of seem that Abigail’s in her own head way too much about the whole thing though for no real reason. But if there’s not something there, nothing they could do about it. 

On their date, Tia and Kenny play naked beach volleyball with three other weirdos on the beach. Pretty weird date. 

Serena and Joe are the strongest couple on the beach. “Nothing can get in our way”…queues Joe’s ex Kendall walking down the stairs onto the beach to ruin it where it began in Paradise a few seasons before. Bad news. To continue next Monday.

Kind of disappointing episode of Bachelor in Paradise after last night’s awesome one. 

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