Stronger couples, more drama and more interesting exits in Paradise

Only one night of Bachelor in Paradise this week. Although that sort of sucks, at least it doesn’t conflict with Monday Night Football. Previously, last week on the beach, more drama exploded and that’s sure to continue tonight. 

The nine guys have the roses this week with fourteen girls remaining, leaving five of them likely to go home. We start off with a discussion on the hypocrisy of sending Chris home but not sending Brendan home for doing the same bullshit. A large group on the beach come down to talk to Brendan and Pieper about their games that they’re playing. After they get called on their shit, Brendan and Pieper decide to leave Paradise together. Which is great. They weren’t there for the right reasons. Good bye.

After his date with Becca last week, Thomas talks to Tammy on her birthday that he has feelings for Becca and not her. What goes around comes around, since she essentially did the same thing to Aaron. 

Rose ceremony time. But prior to the rose ceremony, Wells (who should ABSOLUTELY just be the full time host of this show) brings in an extra rose for Natasha for a second shot at love since Brendan completely fucked her over in the games that he played with Pieper. GREAT move in my opinion. Now, time for the rose ceremony with four ladies going home. 

Some obvious couples, Riley and Maurissa, Joe and Serena, Noah and Abigail, Kenny and Mari, Thomas and Becca. Ivan pairs up with Kendall, James gives his rose to Tia and with the final rose of the evening, Aaron gives his rose to Chelsea. That sends Demi, Tammy, Deandra and Jessenia home.

Joining everyone on the beach is Blake from Clare’s season of The Bachelorette. Don’t remember this guy whatsoever so I’m pretty sure this dude got sent home on night one and then didn’t come back when Tayshia took over as The Bachelorette. With his date card, Blake asks Tia, who’s big time attracted to him on the date. Blake and Tia go four wheeling through the forest and they both seem to have a very good connection, very quickly. 

Next to arrive in Paradise is “Dr. Joe” from Clare and Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette. Him and Natasha have an immediate connection and he asks for her to go on the date with him and she accepts. Joe, who’s friends with Brendan asks about what happened that Natasha is still no paired up on the beach. She tells him about Brendan’s bullshit and their date just dies out as soon as the whole Brendan situation and the way Joe reacts to it comes into play. 

Serena and Grocery Store Joe show that they are the strongest couple in Paradise who both tell each other that they are falling in love with each other. I do really love the romance parts to these shows the best, despite that I do also find the drama extremely entertaining. 

Paradise gets even crazier next week when Kendall breaks down watching Joe fall in love with someone else and a friggin hurricane hitting the beach.

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