Setting up big drama for the final two weeks of this season of Bachelor in Paradise

Only three episodes left in this drama filled, super entertaining season of Bachelor in Paradise. Last week we saw some interesting exits.

Last week Joe and Serena, who are the strongest couple on the beach told each other that they’re falling in love with each other. Kendall, Joe’s ex who’s also on the same beach they fell in love on is kind of falling apart watching that happen, understandably. She talks to Joe and tells him how she’s feeling and that she isn’t completely over him. Joe comforts her and they both talk about why they came to Paradise. Kendall makes the right decisions of leaving Paradise. 

With one less rose with Kendall leaving and in addition to that, two new guys arrive to the beach, Ed and DeMar from Clare and Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette. Ed asks Natasha on the double date card and DeMar asks Chelsea to go with him. Natasha and Ed hit it off on their date and there’s some good potential between the two of them. Good for Natasha, she dealt with some shit on the beach so hopefully this works for her. 

Kenny and Mari get a date card now that they’ve been open with each other and connecting as a couple. On the first part of their date, they makes tacos and eat them off each other. What a weird date. After their up and down start, Kenny and Mari feel very strongly about each other and both see a future outside of Paradise. They both tell each other that they are falling in love with each other, which almost seems like a surprise to even Kenny. 

Maurissa’s struggling with getting Riley to open up more with her. When Maurissa talks to him about it, he opens up about his parents and his relationships with both of them. After that, Maurissa and Riley tell each other that they are falling in love with each other. So she went from wanting to go on a date with DeMar and now she’s “falling in love” with Riley, yeah okay…I don’t see this one working out outside of Paradise.

Before the cocktail party and rose ceremony, several producers and crew come to address the cast about a tropical storm heading right to the beach…like a literal hurricane and that they have to evacuate Paradise. Everyone packs their bags and leaves the beach before quickly returning. That didn’t take long at all. They could have at least produced that up for a bit more drama.

They return for a day time cocktail party and rose ceremony. There’s several strong couples that already have their roses locked up with really only Tia’s rose up for grabs between Blake and James, Chelsea’s between DeMar and Aaron and Natasha’s between Ed and Dr. Joe (not really even a competition on that one, Joe’s obviously going home).

Tia’s pissed that Blake hasn’t actively tried to pursue her and that he doesn’t seem to care or make any effort when he knows that its between him and James for a rose. No chance that works out, so this dude’s gone. After that, she goes to tell James that she appreciates his effort and kisses him. So we know where that rose is going.

Aaron pulls Chelsea away from the group to talk to her since he didn’t get much time with her while she was on the date with DeMar. She tells him that she was sort of hoping that her date would end early so she’d be able to go back and talk to Aaron, which is a great sign for him.

After she’s done talking to and making out with Aaron, Ivan, who has zero connections with anyone since Kendall left, asks Chelsea to talk. He comes off super desperate for a rose. After she almost immediately friend zones him, they end up kissing. Kind of a dirty move by both of them. That instantly pisses off Aaron, who goes to confront him immediately. 

Drama to be continued on this one on next Tuesday’s three hour episode with the finale coming the week after!

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