Pretty dramatic Bachelorette premier tonight as Michelle begins her journey to find love!

I enjoyed the last season of The Bachelorette which ended with Katie finding love with Blake in a season filled with a lot of good guys. Then we had probably the most entertaining season ever of Bachelor in Paradise. Tonight, a new season of The Bachelorette kicks off, starting Michelle Young, one of the bright spots from Matt James’ terrible season of the Bachelor. Let’s hope this season ends up being one of the best in the franchise. Michelle’s a 28 year old fifth grade teacher from Minnesota.

Time to meet the 30 men fighting for Michelle’s heart. Every other season I’ve blogged I gave my first impressions of every contestant, but I’m going to skip that today and just focus on the highlights. Before getting in the limo to meet Michelle, Kaitlyn and Tayshia (who are back as the hosts) go crash some of the guys hotel rooms to get to know them by looking at their stuff. After a couple boring visits, they go to this guy Ryan’s room who’s a farmer guy from California. In this guys room, they find all these notes and research on the show about how to get more screen time, what past cast members to emulate (Jason Tartick, Mike Johnson, Blake Horstmann were at the top of that list, not really wrong), how to get good or bad edits from the producers, strategy. This HAS to be by far the most someone has not been here for the right reasons, before even meeting the bachelorette!! 

And now, the guys get to meet Michelle. Some pretty boring and cliche entries. Then a guy in a server try as the “main course of the meal”…quite stupid if you ask me. Next, this scripted douchebag Ryan comes in with a fucking ice cream truck and makes more stupid puns in one sentence there could be. A few other real stupid walks out of the limo. A little fire truck, a big fire truck, a bed. 

One guy though, Joe Coleman, from Minnesota as well, Michelle recognizes him saying that he looks familiar and realizes that she had previously slid into his DMs. Easy frontrunner. Michelle tells Tayshia and Kaitlyn that they messaged back and forth at one point about basketball and that then he ghosted her…which almost makes her more interested. When Michelle asks Joe about him previously ghosting her, his excuse was that he had a business near where the George Floyd riots were in Minnesota and was stressed from that and not ready for a relationship. She tells him that the respect of communication is important for her and is concerned on that. 

After Michelle talks to him one on one, Tayshia and Kaitlyn pull her away from the guys and tell her about Ryan’s playbook. Michelle pulls Ryan away to speak again and confronts him about the shit in his notes. He says a bunch of bullshit about the act he’s putting on. Even in that conversation, he already runs himself in circles and asks to see the notes and have an open and honest conversation about them. This dude’s gotta go home already. As soon as she looks at the notes, Michelle rightfully sends Ryan home. Good. Bye.

Michelle gives the first impression rose to Nayte, who made a good first impression on her by being genuinely himself and opens up about his struggles with being vulnerable. He also gets the first kiss of the season with a make out after she gives him the rose.

First rose ceremony of the season. Since we don’t really know any of these guys yet, no surprises on anyone getting roses until the final rose of the evening. Before making her decision on if she wants to give that final rose to Joe, she takes it and walks off the stage of the rose ceremony. She ultimately decides to give him the rose and continue this journey giving him another chance. Interested to see how that pans out.

Pretty dramatic Bachelorette premier tonight as Michelle begins her journey to find love!

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