Interesting first real episode of Michelle’s season with several sources of drama already developing.

Last week Michelle began her journey to find love on The Bachelorette as she met the men for her season. None of them really stuck out and other than a dude getting sent home for having an entire playbook, pretty boring first episode. Tonight the real season gets started.

On the first group date of the season, three fifth graders help the date in a classroom since Michelle is a teacher and thy do like an “are you smarter than a fifth grader” kind of date. There’s already drama as a few of the guys get pissed at the pizza guy Peter and as they do a spelling thing, Will puts Peter instead of narcissist. They get into an argument after about it and Michelle calls out Peter for starting drama. Michelle hits it off with Brandon after they have a solid connection and gives him the group date rose.

Jamie gets the first one on one date of the season. For their date, they go to the Joshua Tree (which just reminds me of the incredible, classic episode of Entourage where the guys go there and do shrooms). Jamie and Michelle rock climb to a picnic at the top of a rock. Pretty cool date idea, I’d have fun doing that. At dinner following their Joshua Tree trip, Jamie opens up with Michelle about his mother’s mental health issues and his tough upbringing before his mom committed suicide. That’s such a deep topic to talk about on a first date, especially in front of the cameras on a TV show. That’s gotta be tough, so a ton of credit to him and it’s great that he could open up so much about that. 

Jamie, will you accept this rose?

Michelle says that this was one of the best first dates that she has been on and they kick it off. I hope he goes far. Seems like a good guy.

On the next group date, its basketball themed, a passion of Michelle’s, “her first love”. Michelle has a good initial connection with Joe, who she already knew prior to the show from sliding into his DMs. They’re both from Minnesota and were both some of the best in the state at basketball, so their interests obviously line up. For the main portion of the date, the guys play a game of 5 on 5 bball, with the winning team getting to spend time with Michelle afterwards. In addition to the guys that won, Joe gets the MVP of the day and also gets invited to the cocktail party even though he lost. Joe and Michelle definitely have a close connection early and she says that she’s never felt chemistry with someone so quickly. Even with her doubts on night one, this guy is definitely a front runner. Joe gets the group date rose. 

Several guys in the house notice that Michelle and Joe have a connection that seems to them that they knew each other before the show and they start questioning the authenticity of the whole thing and how truthful Michelle and Joe are both being on that topic. Jamie brings it up to her and mentions that he had a friend in Minnesota that said that the had seen her in a bar with someone that fit the same description as Joe. Don’t really see any reason or benefit to him bringing it up to her when that’s obviously going to cause more problems in the house. Not great that some of the guys already don’t trust the girl who’s The Bachelorette though. No relationship is gonna work without a level of trust. Michelle brings up the topic to all of the guys in the house and clarifies that prior to the show, she never met Joe in person before he came out of the limo and that their only prior connection was a few DMs that went no where. A lot of the guys are surprised that it even came up and wonder where that topic came from and who started the drama behind it. Michelle is drained by the whole thing and cancels the cocktail party.

Right to the rose ceremony. With the final rose of the evening, Michelle gives the rose to Peter. I’m sure the drama will continue with him. No one really significant going home through two episodes. 

Interesting first real episode of Michelle’s season with several sources of drama already developing.

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