Hometowns This Week for Michelle on The Bachelorette

Michelle’s kind of boring season of The Bachelorette is nearing its end and we’re down to the final four men for hometowns this week. Well, sorry if hometowns. The guys families are in Minneapolis since they’re still doing the whole covid bubble nonsense, so they’re not actually going to the guys individual hometowns. Remaining are Brandon, Joe, Nayte and Rodney. 

Brandon’s up first. On the first part of their date, Brandon takes Michelle to a skateboarding date, which is something he connects with his family on. Brandon has already met Michelle’s family last week so now she gets to meet his parents and his brother. Michelle tells Brandon’s brother that she can see herself with Brandon for the rest of her life and that he’s so genuine with her that it’s never made her question anything. Meeting his parents go very well and they like Michelle and Brandon together.  After meeting them, Michelle tells Brandon that it’s very clear to her that she’s falling for him. I’d like to see it be these two at the end of this. 

Rodney’s up next. They do a blind apple tasting before meeting Rodney’s mom and stepdad. Meeting his parent’s, Rodney’s mom is concerned to see him be heartbroken at the end of this if it doesn’t end up being Michelle and her son at the end of this. And he tells his mom that he’s falling in love with Michelle. I feel like Michelle and Rodney’s relationship seems like more of a friendship kind of thing than a forever love thing. 

Joe is the only one who actually gets a “hometown” since he’s from the same city as Michelle, so they’re already there. Since Michelle already showed Joe her high school, he takes her to his high school this week. Joe sets up a little prom date with Michelle in his high school gym since in her poem earlier this season, she says that she was the last one to be picked for prom. Cute date. Then Michelle meets Joe’s parents and his brother and sister in law. To me, his family seems to fine with Joe and Michelle but they’re not over the top on it. Although I think Joe and Michelle have the most in common mainly because of basketball and that they’re from the same place, I feel like the connection isn’t fantastic with them. But at the end of the night, Joe tells Michelle that he’s falling in love with her. 

Nayte’s the last date and “hometown” of the week. Michelle and Nayte go paddle boarding together on the lake before going to meet his mom and stepdad. Michelle is the first girl that Nayte has introduced to his family. When talking to his mom alone, Nayte tells his mom that he isn’t ready yet but thinks he’s on the trajectory to be ready to propose to Michelle but that it’s the first time he’s fallen in love. Nayte’s stepdad echos that to Michelle and tells her that Nayte’s never been in love before so this is a whole new experience for him and he doesn’t feel like Nayte’s ready for an engagement. Nayte’s parents both like Michelle but don’t think Nayte can be ready and I feel like he’s going home tonight. 

After all four of the hometown dates, Bri and Serena who were both on Matt’s season of The Bachelor with Michelle come to talk to Michelle. And then it’s rose ceremony time.

The first rose goes to Brandon, who I think will be the eventual winner of this season. Second rose goes to Nayte, which is a little bit of a surprise to me after seeing his parents doubts. With the final dose of the night…

“Joe, will you accept this rose?”

Sucks for Rodney, but I kind of expected that to happen eventually. I kind of thought it was gonna be Nayte going home tonight but I’m not shocked. 

Down to the final three. 

PS: Clayton’s officially the next Bachelor

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