Drama Filled Men Tell All for Michelle’s Season of The Bachelorette

The Bills played the Patriots on Monday night football last night so I’m a night late watching this week’s episode of The Bachelorette…but obviously that was a lower priority. 

Last week was hometowns for Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette and only three men, Nayte, Brandon and Joe remain going into fantasy suites. That will have to wait till next week though as this week, The Men Tell All. I used to think these were the funniest episodes of these shows but now they’re just kind of annoying to me. Let’s recap all the drama anyway. 

The first thing addressed is Will calling Peter a narcissist on the first group date of the season. Peter gets called out for promoting his pizza business and then throwing Will’s jacket in the pool. Then they air out the bad reviews that some of the guys gave for Peter’s pizza place. Actually pretty funny. 

Next up, Ryan who went home on night one because of his play by play book of documents tries to defend his bullshit. And does a real shitty job of doing so. 

Martin gets called out next for his disingenuous and disrespectful talk towards Michelle and he gets called out for having a girlfriend when he came on the show, which he denies. 

Chris S. is next to get called out for starting shit in the house and gets into it with Olu for their dispute on the show. 

First on the hot seat is Jamie who started a bunch of trouble in the house. He tried to manipulate Michelle and questioned her character before trying to pit the rest of the guys against her. 

Rick talks about his disappointing exit from this season and the connection that he had with Michelle.  

Tayshia quickly talks about how she’s heartbroken about her and Zach’s recent breakup. 

Rodney’s up next on the hot seat after his exit last week on hometowns talking his very positive experience. 

Michelle joins the show on the hot seat to address all the guys that she sent home. She praises Rodney and calls out Jamie. Martin and Chris both apologize for their shit that they pulled on the show and Michelle accepts both of their apologies. After Kaitlynn asks Michelle if there’s anyone she feels she sent home early, she praises Olu and says that she wishes she had more time. I think Olu and several other guys on this season will end up being quite popular on the beach in Paradise. 

Next week, fantasy suites for Michelle and her final three remaining men. 

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