Solid start to what looks to be a real entertaining season of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor

Already on a new season of the Bachelor starting tonight with Clayton from Michelle’s season as the latest Bachelor. I thought the last two seasons of The Bachelor for Matt’s season and Peter’s season were two of the worst of the franchise so I’m hoping this one ends up being great. 

Clayton’s relatively unknown but on his short time on screen on Michelle’s season he seemed like a nice guy that could be a good Bachelor. Let’s get into it. We have a new host as well, former Bachelor Jesse Palmer (I still miss Chris Harrison) who also hosts some college football shows.

Clayton Echard is from a small town outside of St. Louis. He formerly played football as a walk on at Mizzou and then made the Seahawks for a very short stint before getting cut. 

Let’s meet the ladies.

One girl, Salley who was previously engaged and was supposed to get married the same weekend as the first night of meeting Clayton. So before the limos and going to the mansion, this girl who seems like a wreck goes to see Clayton. She goes to see Clayton and tells him that she feels weird being there and is struggling and considering leaving but wanted to talk to him first. Not sure how I feel about this since she probably shouldn’t have even come here since she’s still obviously distraught over her ex-fiance and her situation. Clayton reassures her and tells her that she thinks that there’s something special about her. 

Salley, will you accept this rose and stay?

WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?! The girls haven’t even gotten out of the limo and into the mansion yet and we’re already giving out roses?? She says that she wants to accept the rose but can’t with where her heart is and she leaves. Probably the right thing to do.

Limo time and time for Clayton to meet the women.

Let the journey begin!

Clayton has a spark with Teddi, who is his first kiss of the season. She seems cool. Not long after, Kira makes out with him.

This one girl, Claire is ridiculously negative and actually says that she hates Clayton. Like this bitch wants nothing to do with Clayton and all the rest of the girls already hate her. So this girl’s gotta be gone just as quick as she got here. Clayton asks to talk to her and sends her ass home.

Clayton has really good first impressions with a lot of the ladies but it seems like the clearest connection he has is with Teddi, who he says he was drawn to the most from when she first walked out of the limo and he gives her the first impression rose.

First rose ceremony of the season. Its the first night of the season so girls going home isn’t really any surprise. 

Solid start to what looks to be a real entertaining season of The Bachelor.

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