Shanae finally goes home but there’s more drama of course on The Bachelor

We start off this week’s episode of The Bachelor with Clayton’s two on one with Shanae, by far the biggest problem of this season and Genevieve. On the two on one, Shanae says that Genevieve is acting…which is just a whole other level of acting from the girl who said she should win an Oscar last year…complete with fake fears. This girl is manipulating the fuck out of Clayton and crushing it doing so, completely has him under her control. Holding the rose between the two of them, Clayton literally asks Genevieve if she’s an actress and lying to him…this poor girl getting just railroaded by lead actress Shanae. She’s shocked by that question and Clayton walks away. Clayton comes back and says the rose is going to someone who helped him see the truth in all of this and gives it to Genevieve, rightfully sending Shanae home for being the biggest liar possible on this. Great move Clayton and all of the girls are thrilled as Shanae’s suitcase is rolled out, even cracking bottles of champagne and making a toast to her being gone.

After a pretty uneventful cocktail party besides Mara crying for not having a lot of time with Clayton, onto this week’s rose ceremony. No big surprises on the early roses and with the final rose of the evening, Clayton gives it to Mara, keeping her there. Hunter and Marlane, who both have had very little time with him this season get sent home.

Clayton and the ladies fly out of Toronto to beautiful Croatia. The week starts off with a one on one with date with Teddi, who previously got the first impression rose but we haven’t seen a whole lot of her. She and Clayton go on a date around the city and then the first thing she tells him at dinner than evening is that she’s a virgin…here we go again with this. Seems like its one every season now since Colton. She says the reason why is that her mom had a kid at a young age and that she doesn’t feel the need to wait but wants to be in love to bang for the first time. I guess that’s reasonable. She then tells Clayton that she has never been in love. Clayton says that its exciting to him to be her first of many things but that he wants to make sure that he’s 100% in before he does anything. He thanks Teddi for being so open with her and reassures her that he wants her to feel safe with him and gives her the rose.

Next up is the first group date without Shanae causing drama for the other ladies. They start off all getting dressed up in knights outfits and then they have to eat gross shit like fish eyes and pig brains. Then each girl tells Clayton how they feel about him and their thoughts on this journey to find love. Kind of cute. At the after party, Mara, the oldest girl in the house (and older girls are my type so that’s not a problem for me) gets quite annoying and tells Clayton that she’s questioning how he’s directing his attention to other women and giving some girls a second one on one and not giving her attention. Well, maybe he would be if you weren’t such an annoying bitch that seems to think she’s entitled for attention and as she say “wife material”. She tells Clayton that she doesn’t think a lot of the other girls can’t see themselves being engaged at the end of this and that some of the girls are too young to be ready for it. Rachel, who seems to have been a front runner all season gets the group date rose.

After the date, Clayton gets a note to meet him at the clock tower. That’s not how this usually works with the Bachelor getting a note for something rather than one of the contestants. Weird. He finds Susie there waiting for him, who just wants to spend more time with him. She tells Clayton that she just wants to tell him how she is feeling about him and that she tells him…for the first time this season…I feel like I’m falling in love with you. Cute way to tell him that and Clayton loves it.

From his talk with Mara which worries him a bit, Clayton asks to speak with Sarah, who’s the youngest one in the house before her second one on one about if she might not be ready for what he’s looking for at the end of this with getting engaged at the end of this. She starts crying and reassures him that she wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t here to be engaged at the end of this with him. He says that he’s scared at this point in this journey and has to think it through. When he comes back, Sarah’s crying and pissed about this coming out of no where from what Mara said, which was a clear cut target. Before even having their late….

Sarah, will you accept this rose?

That’s probably a good move for him. Send Mara, who’s so desperate, home next. Although Sarah’s young, she definitely seems like she is here for the right reasons. 

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