Straightforward, Cute Hometowns for Clayton with No Drama

This week we’re already at hometowns for Clayton’s season of The Bachelor…and for the first time in a few seasons, the covid theater of nonsense is over and they’re ACTUALLY going to the hometowns. About time.

Susie’s up first for her hometowns date in Virginia. They start out with a date of Susie introducing Jiu Jitsu which Clayton is a good sport in. Then it’s time to meet Susie’s family. Susie’s clearly very close with her dad and you can tell it’s important when he accepts Clayton. Her mom later asks Clayton the interesting question on if he thinks he loves Susie. He tells her that he’s sure that he can get there but deflects that there’s also still three other women and wonders if he can fall in love with all four of them. After that conversation, Susie’s mom tells her to “proceed with caution”. Not great.

Gabby’s hometown date is next in Denver. They start off with a hike in Colorado’s mountains (which I’ve done that and can say it’s great) and then go in a hot tub in the middle of the woods. Clayton talks to her family and her dad who couldn’t be there normally for family health issues surprises her with a quick visit outside. After meeting her family, Gabby tells Clayton that she’s falling in love with him.

Next one’s Serene in Oklahoma City to meet her family. They do a high obstacle course and I can’t tell if Clayton’s actually that scared of the thing or just getting all freaked out for the show. Meeting her family, Serene’s brother tells Clayton that he’s surprised with how much she is opening up to Clayton already and then he asks Clayton if he’s in love with her. Clayton responds pretty much the same way as he did with Susie’s mom and deflects the question. I feel like of the four girls remaining that Serene is the most mature and down to Earth of the four remaining girls and at the end of the day, she reassures Clayton that she’s in love with him.

It’s off to Florida last to meet Rachel’s family. They go kayaking in a clear boat which seems like a pretty awesome date and then they go swimming and make out in the water. Seems like this girl is definitely the front runner for Clayton. Rachel’s dad seems like a total hardoooo asshole but after talking to Rachel, her dad gives Clayton his approval. 

With all four, mostly straightforward and not very dramatic hometowns complete, onto the rose ceremony at the Bachelor Mansion. Clayton tells Jesse before the rose ceremony that he feels like he’s falling in love with all four women. Wow.

With the first rose, Susie goes to fantasy suites week first. Next, Gabby, which sort of surprises me, I thought she would be the one to go home this week. With the final rose of the night, Clayton gives it to Rachel, sending Serene home. I could see Serene being the next Bachelorette. 

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